The Power of Investing in Land Conservation: Blue Zone Realty International Launches New Green Leaf Division

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Recognized for its pristine beaches, luscious rainforests, vibrant volcanoes, and enchanting waterfalls, Costa Rica’s natural beauty sets the country apart as a truly incomparable destination. Complementing the treasured landscapes, people across the country commit remarkable efforts to environmental conservation – even those working in real estate. 

As of this June, Green Leaf Realty and its team of professional agents has officially merged with the Costa Rican renowned and Top 100 Real Estate Company in the World, Blue Zone Realty International team to create the new Green Leaf division. This division is devoted to highlighting and specializing in land listings within the stunning Southern Pacific Region of Costa Rica, with a primary emphasis on preservation and conservation initiatives.

By recognizing the increasing need to preserve and protect our planet’s natural resources, the new division endeavors to support like-minded individuals and organizations in their pursuit of acquiring and preserving land for the benefit of future generations. Exclusive to Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific region, the Green Leaf division will showcase listings that not only present potential buyers with smart investment opportunities but also properties that resonate with their environmental values.

Photo Credit: Blue Zone Realty International

Blue Zone Realty and their newly established Green Leaf division prioritize their clients just as much as they do the environment. The expert team members of the Green Leaf division possess extensive knowledge when it comes to the Southern Pacific Region, its ecological significance, and the legal complexities of land acquisition. Whether clients aspire to establish a private nature reserve, create an eco-friendly retreat, or contribute to local conservation initiatives, the Green Leaf division is dedicated to guiding clients through every stage of the process, guaranteeing a seamless and rewarding experience.

“I started Green Leaf Realty over 14 years ago with a focus on client satisfaction, professionalism, and community outreach in the Costa Ballena Area,” says Ian Lynch, founder of Green Leaf Realty Costa Rica. “Green Leaf Realty evolved steadily and organically based primarily on growing and nurturing reputation and relationships. I am extremely excited about the merging of the Green Leaf and Blue Zone Realty International families, and the incredible opportunities that it offers the team and most importantly, our clients.”


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Blue Zone Realty International is one of the exclusive agencies representing the Costa Rica real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of their listings here.

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