The Legacy of Lagerfeld: Christofle x Karl Lagerfeld’s Limited Edition Flatware Collection is Back

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Photo Credit: CONTI RSVP

As this year’s Met Gala attendees graced the red carpet draped in the best in fashion, they not only showcased their own unique styles but also immortalized Lagerfeld's enduring influence. The guests and designers paid homage to one of fashion’s most decorated designers with the spring 2023 exhibition’s theme being Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. Reminiscing on everything he has created reminds us just how iconic his creations were, especially those that were sold out immediately upon their release.

For the first time since the collection's first debut, Christofle's limited-edition sold-out collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld is available once again. This year, to commemorate the designer's retrospective at The Met, Christofle has obtained the final remaining Karl Lagerfeld MOOD flatware set. Not only is the set going to be available through an exclusive auction, but all of the proceeds will be dedicated to providing scholarships for students at the Fashion Institute of Technology, giving back to Lagerfeld’s passion for fostering the education and futures of fashion’s next generation.

Photo Credit: CONTI RSVP

Lagerfeld was able to add a touch of his distinctive flair to one of his favorite collectible brands – Christofle. With a long-lasting legacy, Christofle stands as one of the world's most esteemed silver specialists and is committed to enhancing everyday experiences through its exceptional cutlery, tableware, decorative objects, and jewelry designs. The designer paired with the renowned silver connoisseur assisting in designing renditions of Christofle's best-selling signature MOOD silverware sets shortly before his passing. The piece itself is absolutely exquisite, listed as edition 25/200, and is one of the collection's rarest editions. 

Photo Credit: Kareem Rashed

The set's exterior showcases a sleek black lacquer adorned with Christofle's coat of arms and Karl Lagerfeld's signature, elegantly etched into the surface. Upon opening and unveiling the collection’s unique egg-shaped case, a meticulously arranged and elegantly patterned 24-piece set of silver-plated flatware awaits. Within the cutlery are fine geometric lines that mirror the design of the exterior casing creating a clean, modern silhouette throughout. Lagerfeld's work is evident in the design's sophisticated simplicity which encompasses his signature style.


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