The Agency’s Farrah Brittany On Her Journey In Real Estate

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Photo Credit: The Agency

Farrah Brittany is a force within The Agency and the real estate industry. One of the founding members of The Agency, Farrah has been with the company since its inception, initially serving as Director of Client Relations. Farrah has worked alongside Mauricio Umansky on many multi-million dollar sales, co-listing properties, managing client relations and handling a wide range of sales processes, from listing presentations to marketing and escrows. Haute Residence caught up with Farrah to talk about how she became involved in real estate and how she uses social media to gain new business.

Did your love for real estate start from a young age?

My love for real estate really did start at a very young age. When I was little, I would ask my parents to take me to open houses on Sundays so that I could learn about all of the different neighborhoods within L.A. Even as a young kid, I had an appreciation for architecture and I loved imagining what kind of people would be the right fit for each home.

What did you study in college? Did those skills prepare you for what you’re doing now?

At University, I graduated with a major in psychology and a minor in business. That combination definitely prepared me for working in such a face-to-face, relationship-based industry, and the business skills certainly come in handy and can apply to everything else that is required to run a real estate business.

Photo Credit: The Agency

Where did the idea of launching The Agency come from? What was the most exciting part about forming the company?

The idea for launching The Agency came from recognizing what the market was needing and wanting at the time. There was a very long history of the industry being run in the same way, and it needed a new perspective. It needed to become more dynamic and lifestyle-driven, but with the focus still always on serving the consumer. The most exciting part was that we were one of the first companies to recognize that a change was needed and then built a company whose core is really about culture- something that was also new to the industry.

Would you consider social media a huge part of gaining new clients and gaining exposure for your business?

Social media is definitely an incredible tool to gain exposure for your business and to build a brand. It’s also a great business card, where both buyers and sellers can verify who you are and what you’ve done, giving you credibility. I use my social media to post photos and videos of my listings, other real estate tidbits, as well as to give followers a peek into my personal life so that they also know who I am as a person. That way, if they feel I’m someone they can relate to or connect with, they are more likely to want to work with me.

You all recently launched The Agency Aspen. Is there a market you all are wanting to have a presence in next?

Absolutely! We’re just getting started.

Photo Credit: The Agency

Is there a celebrity you would love to have as a client?

I think Jennifer Aniston would be a great client. I think we’d have fun together! 🙂

What are the most important things someone starting a career in real estate should know?

The most important thing is to figure out how you can bring added value to your clients every day.  Especially now since there’s so much information available everywhere, you need to leave a lasting impression on them.

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