Studio Louca, Haute Design Network’s First Partner in England, Describes Their Design Philosphy

Studio Louca

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Led by Janine Loucaides, Studio Louca has a vision to create unique interiors that bring clients' aspirations to life - from the initial design concept, through to execution and handover.

Photo Credit: Studio Louca

Janine Loucaides recently spoke to Haute Design about what initially drew her to the profession, as well as her favorite part about being a designer.


Haute Design: Explain the first moment where you became aware of your passion for design.

Janine Loucaides: Growing up in a creative household, much of my free time as a child was spent drawing and playing on Adobe Illustrator on an old Apple Mac. I had always been intrigued by textiles and embroidery, so I think that the interest was always there naturally. The first moment when I became aware that it was a passion that I wished to pursue as a career, though, would be after visiting Blenheim Palace near Oxford. The whole place is magnificent to look at both inside and out and I found myself in awe of how the artisans and designers of old had created such a masterpiece. This fascination led to me being determined to create my own modern masterpieces in my time.

HD: If you had to choose, what would you say is your favorite part about being a designer?

JL: For us, it would be the initial concept stage, as this is where you can push the boundaries with design to the ultimate level of creativity. We tend to start off this process with kick-off meetings with some of the best suppliers in the industry, to explore the latest finishes and techniques on offer and to collaborate on the projects full potential.

Another part that we love is taking the time to visit the workshops where some of our pieces are made. It’s always incredibly interesting understanding the finer details and level of craftsmanship that goes into every item before it’s installed in our clients' homes. Speaking of which, the installation of any project is always a highlight. Being able to get hands-on and watching the whole project come alive piece by piece as the concept becomes a reality.

Janine Loucaides

Photo Credit: Studio Louca

HD: Do you have a favorite room within a home in which you prefer to work? Why?

JL: We would say that Reception rooms, such as the Drawing Room or Dining Room, are our favorite. In these rooms you can be more adventurous as a designer because these spaces are where the clients and their families will spend most of their time, whether as a family or entertaining. So this often is the room where we can really express the personalities of the clients. Whether it’s a specialist panel wall or intricate furniture, with a creative story that becomes a conversational focus.

These also tend to be the spaces with the best views. The project could be a penthouse apartment overlooking the London skyline or a country manor house with views out onto acres of rolling hills and fields. This always adds an extra layer of interest, creating a space that is impressive but connects with its surroundings.

HD: In three words, describe Studio Louca's design philosophy. 

JL: Story, Detailed, Artisanship.

Story: For us, every element that plays a part in our interiors must have a creative purpose as opposed to just being a design that is easy on the eye. We strive to create interiors that have a unique narrative that is weaved throughout the design.

Detailed: One of the exciting parts is creating moments of curiosity, such as the use of couture finishes in an unexpected way. We are fortunate to work with the finer details and creating a seamless design, where every detail is considered. A great example is a recently designed drinks cabinet, we designed exterior doors with an intricate veneer marquetry inlaid with metal and bespoke bronze handles. When you open the doors you are surprised to see a hand-painted églomisé back panel, beautifully lit accompanied with leather shelving with intricate stitch detailing amongst all your favorite drinks.

Artisanship: We strive to work with the best of the best suppliers, creating bespoke works that implement crafting techniques that have existed from various different cultures over the last few hundred years.

Photo Credit: Studio Louca

HD: What is your vision for the future of Studio Louca?

JL: Working on some of the highest quality, super-prime homes and developments in London and other major cities around the world.

We’re striving to develop an incredibly diverse portfolio of projects. Whether it’s a sprawling classical chateau in France, a contemporary beach villa in Miami or a luxurious ski chalet in the Alps. We have the skills, experience, and are lucky to have a supplier base to challenge ourselves creatively with any style of project. We’re setting our vision high, and will be aspiring to include luxury superyachts to our portfolio in the future.

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