Studio Libeskind Introduces Three Oblique Towers for Tor di Valle Roma

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The rising of Tor di Valle in Rome owes its roots to Daniel Libeskind and the big green.

New York-based architectural groups Studio Libeskind and Meis Studio utilize Rome’s former 247-acre hippodrome to its utmost capacity by building three angular towers in triangular formation as a centerpiece in the 3,000-square-meter public plaza for an upcoming development of a large urban district, which will feature a 52,000-seat A.S. Roma football stadium, training facilities, offices spaces, retail stores, restaurants, and cinemas.

Erected on the grass roof of a three-story colonnade, the tallest tower stands up to 220 meters (roughly 722 feet). The Tor di Valle structures provide similar breadth to Rome's theater by drawing attention to its atrium-like spaces.

The opaque panels emphasize the tower’s attractive assets, such as the multi-layer floors, lush gardens, and open-space offices resembling a boldly surfaced utopian tunnel. The development's date of completion is yet to be announced.

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