Shamon Campbell, President of BE Luxury Collection, Leads Through Area Intelligence, Exploration, and Precision

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BE Luxury Collection is a real estate and lifestyle group delivering a bespoke approach to client service in The Bahamas. With nearly a decade in the industry, BELC's team of advisors helps clients buy and sell some of the most unique properties in the country. BELC's dedicated lifestyle division provides solutions to international clients which include property management, yacht charters, and more to ensure that they are able to take full advantage of The Bahamas. As associates of HG Christie, Christie's International Real Estate - the Bahamas group continues to dominate the market and remains open to working with new discerning clients.

Shamon Campbell is the founder and president of the company and has notched multimillion-dollar transactions. Through diligence, honesty, and precision, she has maintained an outstanding portfolio of affluent clientele. She is proud to inspire a team of advisors alike and oversee a dependable group of experts, qualified in building strong relationships and exploring untapped avenues to deliver premier customer service.

Here she speaks with Haute Residence about her real estate journey and what she loves about The Bahamas.

Shamon Campbell

Why did you choose Real Estate?

Real estate chose me. After launching our publication in 2013, our readers began reaching out regarding the properties that we promoted. We decided to make a strategic transition into real estate sales to better serve our audience.

What was your journey to where you are today?

With a love for marketing and sales, I've always sought out opportunities that would challenge me to be innovative and deliver top-of-market results.

From launching our publication to now being a full-service group, forming strategic partnerships, like this one with Haute Living, has been an intricate part of our journey.

Over the years, it has been the relationships with our clients and partners that foster continuous growth and I am excited for the years to come. As a young group, in age and establishment, we know that we're just getting started.

What is your biggest success story to date?

In 2022, post-pandemic, we brought on a rare 22-acre parcel with beachfrontage in a community that has been overlooked for many years. It was unexpected by many that the property would sell and, in BELC-fashion, we secured a buyer for the property breaking a record for the neighborhood and industry at large.

These are the stories that we like to share; ones that reflect not just our expertise, but our willingness to go above and beyond for our clients.

Jacaranda, Nassau, The Bahamas - $515,000

What makes your market unique?

The Bahamas real estate market possesses several unique characteristics that set it apart from other markets.

Pristine Natural Beauty: The Bahamas is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, including crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine white sandy beaches, and stunning coral reefs. The allure of living in such a picturesque setting is a significant draw for real estate investors.

Exclusive Island Lifestyle: The Bahamas offers a distinct island lifestyle that combines luxury, privacy, and tranquility. The archipelago consists of numerous islands, each with its own charm, offering a range of exclusive residential communities, private islands, and waterfront properties that cater to high-end buyers seeking a luxurious lifestyle.

Tax Advantages: The Bahamas is known for its favorable tax environment. It does not impose income, capital gains, or inheritance taxes, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment and ownership. This advantageous tax structure can be appealing to international buyers and investors looking to maximize their financial benefits.

Second Home and Investment Opportunities: The Bahamas is a popular destination for second homes and investment properties. Many individuals and families from around the world choose to own vacation homes or investment properties in The Bahamas due to its proximity to major markets like the United States and its reputation as a premier tourist destination.

Stable Political and Legal System: The Bahamas enjoys a stable political environment and a legal system based on British common law. This stability provides confidence and security to real estate investors, ensuring their property rights are protected.

Boating and Water Activities: With its vast coastline and abundant water resources, The Bahamas offers exceptional boating and water activity opportunities. The presence of marinas, yacht clubs, and access to world-class fishing, sailing, and diving make it an attractive location for water enthusiasts, contributing to the uniqueness of the real estate market.


For more information, please contact BE Luxury Collection at 1-242-422-2635 or

BE Luxury Collection group represents The Bahamas real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of their listings here.

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