Seven Reasons Why “For Sale By Owner” Is Not A Good Idea… Have A Professional Do It!

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When the time comes to sell your home, the "For sale by owner" sign is a temptation you should avoid, according to the experts. And it makes sense. If you have a legal matter, you go to a lawyer. If you have a medical condition, you go to a doctor. It is no different when it comes to what is likely your most valued and valuable asset: your home.

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Here are seven reasons why leaving it to the pros far outweighs doing a "For sale by owner" real estate transaction, featuring members of the exclusive Haute Residence Network of top real estate professionals.

Online Marketing

"Statistics show that real estate brokers are selling for 32% more. And it is not that homeowners who sell their homes themselves sell them for less money, it is that homeowners who sell less expensive homes, mobile homes, and condos in rural areas are more likely to choose to sell their homes themselves. In NYC, the majority of homeowners are far better off using a real estate broker to help them sell their homes and to get the best price. Brokers have various tools and staging ways to market property online and to bring maximum exposure to a listing. In today’s market, the buyer makes the decision to buy before visiting a property and the broker is the one who makes that magic of online marketing." - Elliot Bogod, Upper West Side, New York City, NY.

The Right Pricing

"Working with an agent gives homeowners the advantage of intelligent pricing, negotiation skills, and broader exposure to sell their home quicker and for more money."  - Nilou Henderson, Charlotte, NC.


"A good real estate agent will get you top dollar for your home through skilled negotiation and with the maximum exposure in marketing the home." - Georgina Jacobson, Newport Beach, CA.

Knowledge of the Market

"Hiring a real estate broker gives you a professional partner who possesses unrivaled market expertise that can help you achieve top dollar for your home." - Jenny Lenz, Upper East Side, New York City, NY.

Homeowners Can Be Their Own Obstacle

"It's hard for sellers to represent themselves, especially to prospective buyers, simply because they cannot remove themselves, or their emotions, from the potential deal.  As a party to the contract, emotions can run high, which can complicate any deal, especially when working on something so personal." - Alex Min, Lake Tahoe, NV.

Its Importance Cannot Be Overstated

"Selling your home will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life. Real estate agents get broader exposure for your property, negotiate a better deal, and are experts at managing expectations." - Kathryn Shafer, Beverly Hills P.O., CA.

The Many Details a Real Estate Sale Includes

"People are emotional and overvalue their homes.  A local Realtor® helps you price it right, market, negotiate, and maximize results." - Curtis J. Wright, Essex and Morris counties, NJ.

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