Seth Rogen Enters Art Market After Auctioning Off $12,000 Ceramic Vase

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ceramicsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Seth Rogen is nationally-renowned as a multi-faceted individual. While he is an award-winning comedian, actor, writer, and filmmaker, his affinity and knack for ceramics often fly under the radar. This was not the case this past week at the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

Vancouver native, Rogen, recently received the recognition he deserves while also funding area gallery arts programs with the charitable bidding for his coveted ceramic vase. This past Tuesday, Rogen launched himself into the booming art market through the $12,000 sale of his original ceramic vase.

Rogen’s dependable charisma and humor in the entertainment sphere are made tangible through his spunky and vibrant $12,000 vase. The striking orange vase includes a knob-textured surface and aims to emphasize Rogen’s presence and character. According to the auction website, Rogen plays with color, texture, and glazing, and intends to bring humor and vitality to his art, both on the screen and off.

This sale thrust skilled ceramicist, Rogen, into the art market headfirst but we are sure that this will not be the last we hear of his ceramics. Rogen’s vase was originally prophesied to sell for $3,000, yet expectations were exceeded. The piece was displayed at the downtown Vancouver gallery and will continue to make strides for Vancouver’s art gallery scene.


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