Sensi Casa Now Offers Clients Top Of The Line Architectural Design

Sensi Casa

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Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

The partnership between Sensi Casa and EJ Architects was born from the active customer demand to have a complete service that provides design, furniture and decoration of luxury residences. Additionally, this partnership was driven by the need from both companies to offer services in which the client is accompanied throughout the process of creating their ideal residence.

EJ Architects is a studio whose common denominator in every project is a timeless, creative, personalized, and above all, functional style; always exceeding the customers' expectations with their results. The architecture and interior studio specializes in residential projects located mainly in exclusive residential areas and complexes in the main cities of Latin America. All their designs have a fundamental basis in the deep analysis of the users' needs and the space where the project is going to be built, in order to make the best and most accurate decisions. Keeping in mind as a guideline that the result must always reflect both the essence of the architecture studio as well as the client.

Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

The professional behind EJ Architects is Esteban Jácome, a young visionary with disruptive and modern ideas, who describes himself as an artful and architecturally passionate person. The studio has a team made up of designers and renderers who work with the best-rated architecture programs worldwide. Jácome and his team implement high-tech structures in their designs in order to bring all of their ambitious designs to reality. British designer, Norman Foster, is a constant reference for the studio as he is one of their greatest inspirations for being a developer of high-tech design and for his philosophy which consists of integrating exteriors with interior spaces. 

Sensi Casa is a boutique interior design and home staging firm operating from Miami, Florida. Awarded Bets of Houzz 2021 and 2021, Sensi Casa is not like other design firms. Their elevated approach offers what only a few firms can: turnkey homes in record time. Their mission is to assist their clients in achieving a high-end aesthetic through detail-oriented curation that fills a space with luxurious furniture and accessories. The design concepts they implement prioritize the establishment of a central theme for the property that will fulfill the homeowners' vision.

Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together," says Chiara Sensi-Contugi, founder of Sensi Casa. Chiara's distinct individuality and enthusiasm for her craft resonate in her design and have led to the success of her boutique design firm. Sensi Casa takes clients through the process, step by step, and ensures that they are just as excited about the project as the designers themselves.

EJ Architects and Sensi Casa create a perfect synergy, since each company assists the client in different stages of its home creation, which at the end of the day, are all equally important and must be connected so the final result is functional and optimal. In Latin America, EJ Architects will offer their clients the possibility to furnish their luxury homes with furniture not currently available to their corresponding local markets, but is innovative and exclusive. On the other hand, Sensi Casa will implement a complete service in Florida that begins with the architectural design and ends with the delivery of the finished, furnished and decorated residence. Both companies stand out in the market since they both comply with the highest quality and safety standards in each of their projects. This will undoubtedly make their merger remarkable.


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