Sensi Casa Continues To Offer Turnkey Solutions Despite Supply Chain Woes

Sensi Casa

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Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

With the lingering consequences of a persistent global pandemic, one of the more prevalent issues keeping most of the businesses around the world from "normal" operation continues to be supply chain interference. Many have felt the impact of supply chain malfunctions to some extent. Whether it be a shortage of toilet paper or lengthy delays in delivery of online purchases. However, one of the industries particularly affected by supply chain shortages has been interior design. Materials, equipment and furniture have all been extremely backed up, leading to projects lasting much longer than normally anticipated. So, when Sensi Casa explained their furniture rental services to Haute Design, you can imagine the strong impression it made.

Sensi Casa is a home staging and interior design firm based in Miami. Through their Presto Design service, they offer unique and fully original proposals, but in an extremely faster time frame. They take care of everything, down to the linens and bedsheets, so a client only has to walk through the door and enjoy their new home. Chiara Sensi-Contugi, founder of Sensi Casa, shed some light on her firm's Pronto Stay services as well as their other furniture rental options which virtually solve any supply chain issues the average design firm would face.

Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

While Sensi Casa's Pronto Stay service was originally introduced before the pandemic, the consequences of COVID-19 made this a particularly attractive option for clients. The Sensi Casa team noticed the vast influx of people moving down to South Florida would all run into the same problem: they would not be able to furnish their newly-rented or purchased residences quickly enough due to supply chain malfunctions. Fortunately for them, Sensi Casa operates a widely successful home staging operation and as a result, have access to an eclectic catalogue of their very own furniture.

The Miami-based design firm realized they could rent these pieces to clients. Considering how uncertain the pandemic has left many peoples' working conditions (remote or otherwise), most clients were not looking to make huge investments in furniture if they were to return up North, for example, in the next six months. This is where the genius of the Pronto Stay service comes in.

Not only can Sensi Casa clients rent their furniture, but they can rent their entire interior design by one of the most highly-acclaimed design firms in the country. With Pronto Stay, Sensi Casa still interviews clients, similarly to any other interior design service they offer. Furniture and design are provided based on the client's corresponding needs and lifestyles. The only difference is that clients rent their furniture, rather than owning the furniture.

Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

It is important to note that because Sensi Casa offers high-investment pieces and exclusively branded furniture, they do not offer short-term rentals. Short-term, in this case, would mean anything less than six months. That said, there is no maximum amount placed on a furniture's lease. Client need only to sign a security deposit and they're set.

Additionally, clients do have a buy-in option, should they change their minds and settle into what they previously thought would be a temporary situation.

With the malfunctions present in the supply chain worldwide, no one knows for certain when these issues will be fixed. However, one thing you can count on is that Sensi Casa provides extremely practical and efficient turnkey solutions despite these uncertain times.

Photo Credit: Sensi Casa

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