Selling Your Home With A Real Estate Agent Vs. “For Sale By Owner”

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Doing a "For sale by owner" real estate transaction sounds like a great idea to save money, yes? Not so fast. The time, stress, pitfalls, and resources you may spend on doing it by yourself can quickly add up and turn into an expensive crusade. Here, members of the Haute Residence network of top real estate agents in the U.S. and beyond give their insights on why it is better to call a professional when it comes to selling your home.

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Time and again, we have proven the benefit of using an experienced, licensed real estate professional by earning multiple offers and over list price.  Service, expertise, and a large network are crucial and we combine this with the power of our specialized marketing formula - ultimately yielding a larger return on the home investment.  It also can’t be discounted the necessity of having professional guidance for a many times complicated process." - Lisa Culp Taylor, Tennessee.

"Exposure to the market is key. Any owners selling on their own think that they are saving the commission. Guess what, so does the buyer. Any buyer will deduct the commission. And without the competition brought by exposure to the market, the sellers usually leave tons of money on the table without knowing." - Clara Hartree, West Vancouver, BC.

"A great real estate agent can handle it ALL for you. Staging, showings, negotiations, inspection items -- the list goes on and on.  Most people are surprised to find that the commission amount is negligible compared to the purchase amount when an excellent agent is involved. In my particular market in Southwest Florida, many owners are not living in the area on a full-time basis. In that case, it is especially critical to hire an excellent agent! Check reviews and number of past sales carefully before hiring an agent!" -Angela Lutzi Dellatorè, Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach, Bonita Beach, FL.

“Homeowners benefit greatly from hiring an experienced realtor when selling because they secure the agent’s expertise in negotiating, marketing, connections and will generally achieve a much higher selling price with shared liability for the transaction.” - KC Martin, Paris, France.

"In most instances, a primary or secondary residence represents one of the most significant assets for a family. Working with a real estate agent not only ensures that a seller obtains the best value for the property but that the entire process is handled efficiently and with little risk. Agents bring years of experience to valuation, negotiations, and marketing. Especially in the current seller’s market in the Sarasota area, the exposure we create often leads to multiple offer situations that, if handled properly, create increased value for sellers." - Joel Schemmel, Sarasota, FL.

"Our clientele demands Kukio Properties’ agents' knowledge of Kukio’s properties and the intricacies of the membership component to safeguard their investment. No other brokerage provides the insight that Kukio Properties brings to their clients." - Jim Schneider, Big Island, HI.

"An experienced agent will get them more money for their home and protect them during the process." - Anna Sherrill, South of Fith, Miami Beach, FL.

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