See how Lakesha Rose Mixes Deadline Day and Date Night on Instagram

Lakesha Rose

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Lakesha Rose, founder of L Rose Interiors has a comprehensive understanding of custom furnishings, antiques, textiles, and fine art. L Rose Interiors specializes in high-end residential and commercial build-outs.

Lakesha Rose, Jim Rose

Photo Credit: Lakesha Rose

Haute Design recently discussed how Lakesha balances work life and private life on social media.


Haute Design: How big a role does social media play in your day-to-day business strategy?

Lakesha Rose: Honestly, it should play a larger role than it currently does. Often, I am in the moment of work and I forget to post progress or when I think I should post something, I just shrug my shoulders and say I will just feature the work when it is finished that is why often I am radio silent, but the truth is I am just working. My plan is to hire someone to keep me more present on social media. Secondly, I also really enjoy flying under the radar just living my wonderful life quietly.


HD: What is your thinking behind sharing both professional and personal posts on Instagram?

LR: I do it very carefully. I do not post vacations unless I visit a manufacturer or design store. In which case, I post that moment because it is related to work. My husband is the number one Sportscaster in Chicago and has been for over 40 years, so his life is public being on TV every day, so we enjoy fading away to vacation quietly together. I do post some photos of us from time to time and it is because I emotionally feel ok to post about it that day. Jim and I both have public jobs, so we enjoy going to our home in Michigan and not leaving the house all weekend and I cook, listen to French music, we create date nights inside of our home. Most of the time, the season determines what our cocktail of choice is and since it's winter we are drinking Whiskey Sours, using Japanese whiskey. I would best describe us as introvert/extrovert.  


HD: Have you noticed any specific patterns among clients or prospective clients regarding which posts are preferred between professional and personal?

LR: I would say they like both because it gives them a peek inside of my personality before meeting me but if I venture to guess they like what they see because they are hiring someone that understands exclusivity and will not talk about a well-known client. My page does not reveal a narcissist.


HD: Are there any other social media platforms you like to use? Is Instagram your favorite?

LR: The other one I use is Facebook, but for creativity I use Instagram.  

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