Sandra Fiorenza Presents M/Y Njord, The World’s Largest Superyacht

Sandra Fiorenza

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Sandra Fiorenza introduces M/Y Njord, the world’s largest private superyacht. The seafaring residence goes around the globe, making port at the most exclusive docks in five continents; a naval architecture wonder visiting the world's wonders.

Sandra Fiorenza Feb2021 1Photo Credit: Courtesy of Espen Øino

The M/Y Njord exceeds the term "luxury," setting a new standard for amenities for vessels. Developed by Ocean Residences Development (ORD) and led by its Chairman & CEO Kristian Stensby, Njord's design is the result of a collaboration between naval architects, engineers, and designers that include Espen Øino, the world’s # 1 superyacht designer and responsible for Njord’s exterior design. Stensby has over 25 years in companies such as Royal Viking Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Cruise Line, and Premier Cruises, which he founded.

Fiorenza Feb2021 2Photo Credit: Courtesy of Espen Øino

"To me, Njord represents the ultimate Lifestyle, everywhere in the world," says Fiorenza. "Owners are part of the most exclusive Club in the world, being part of a discerning community of highly accomplished, talented, curious, adventurous, and like-minded global citizens. You will travel the world from the comfort of your ocean home. Exclusive like nothing else! A lifestyle that can’t beat!!!"

FioFeb213Photo Credit: Courtesy of FM Architettura

ORD selected top interior designers from around the globe to curate the residences in the elegance that their spacious floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and sea views demand. The residences vary in 21 configurations, from two to six bedrooms ranging from 116 sqm to 800 sqm, including fourteen duplex units, and two triplexes all with private elevators.

FioFeb214Photo Credit: Courtesy of FM Architettura

Those who combine passions for travel, adventure, and discovery, all while living in a mobile palace, will feel at home inside Njord. On discovery, the superyacht travels the seas while performing scientific and oceanographic research.

FioFeb215Photo Credit: Courtesy of FM Architettura

Additionally, Njord carries the health, wellness, and safety of its passengers as its most important feature. It is partnered with the world-renowned health wellness pioneer Chenot to deliver science-based well-being experiences centered on the legendary Chenot Metod ®.

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