Sam Nazarian’s Twist on Real Estate

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Experts in the real estate industry have said for years that in this economy, the cliche - it's a buyer's market - rings true. But, the deal's about to get even sweeter.

Enter Sam Nazarian, founder and CEO of sbe. He is single handedly going to change the real estate market game via sbe Reserve, the company's newest real estate division. It was only natural for the hospitality company to segue into the real estate business. Through the own selling of his home earlier this year, he learned that including a comprehensive concierge service onto the pricetag of a property is be more appealing to potential buyers- the full service.

Nazarian's lavish home in the Hollywood Hills, which served as the backdrop for Vincent Chase's home on Entourage, sold for a cool $17.995 million in just one week. Those are legendary statistics for the present market. The attached comprehensive concierge package includes and is not limited to the following: guest only privileges at the hotels, personal assistants, VIP treatments, and exclusive first access to luxury rooms, deals, and reservations. It's hotel style living without actually having to live at a hotel. This concept works especially well for those seeking large homes and expansive land. Stan Bharti, owner of Forbes & Manhattan, a bank in Ontario, Canada is now the proud owner of the estate.

Nazarian plans to expand the luxurious concierge concept and their full service approach to real estate throughout the country wherever the sbe brand exists including Houston, Las Vegas and of course, Miami.

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