Rooms By Eve: A Modern Beach Condo In Aventura, FL

Eve Joss

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Editor’s Note: Haute Design had the joyful experience of speaking with Eve Joselowitz of Rooms By Eve on how to best approach the décor of a beach condo.

Photo Credit: Ramos, Marylinda

Eve Joselowitz of Rooms By Eve knows how to maximize the use of natural light.

"The best approach to decorating a modern beach condo is to create an open and airy feel, incorporating tons of natural light into your interior,” she says. "The use of light, neutral and white furniture and fixtures is also a key factor."

Photo Credit: Ramos, Marylinda

She continues in the living room: "A crisp white upholstered sofa will make the space feel soothing and comfy, which is perfect for a coastal living."

Also, she advises on keeping color as an asset to be used for engagement between inside and outside of the unit. "Adding a pop of color such as blue would tie the outdoors and indoors together,” she says.

Photo Credit: Ramos, Marylinda

Aside from the living room, the kitchen is another important part that must be taken into consideration as "it is the heart and soul of every home,” per Eve. "One of the most popular modern condos' interior for the kitchen is the use of cabinets with a sleek, minimalist look that features little to no hardware. Other elements found in modern kitchens are sleek hardwood floors and granite/quartz countertops. In condo living, you may not have a lot of square footage in your apartment, but you can make the absolute most if it by employing a minimalist approach."

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Photo Credit: Ramos, Marylinda

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