Rooftop Terraces Fit For The Ultimate En Vogue Soirées

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As Pink says, you better get the party started. And to have that ultimate soirée, you'll need a party pass to an amazing rooftop terrace. Going up? You bet, and straight to the top. Up, up, up and atop - from Florida to California and the states in between, there's the ultimate rooftop party goin' on.

Stunner, Number One Superstar

Rooftop Terraces

Penthouse at 321 Ocean Via Sotheby's International Realty

Feelin' hot, hot, hot in South Beach. Red hot, that is, on this Miami, Florida rooftop.

This private rooftop terrace leaves no rooftop amenity to be desired. The view. The 36-foot infinity pool. The barbecue area. The bar. The expansive entertainment space. It's the ideal landscape created for the most memorable of party experiences to be had.

This residential rooftop is surely the "X" that keeps South Beach on the real estate treasure map. The rooftop, with its bright, bold colorful furniture accessories, has an iconic Versace allure, one that Giani himself would have approved. You can imagine Versace wearing his shades, with martini in hand to toast his sister, Donatella - all the while heating up this rooftop with the most memorable of festas, as the Miami sun slowly descends and night emerges to create an ethos of mystery, seduction and glamour in a style that only the Versace family can do.

Connection To The Party Line

Rooftop Terraces

Source: Pinterest. Photo By: John Granen

This Dallas, Texas rooftop has lots of luxury features that were included to homestyle this 7,000-square-foot outdoor space: a large dining table, lounge chairs, barbecue, flat-screen TVs, refrigerator and dishwasher. The subdued lighting enhances the rooftop's sultry ambience. Pergolas also adorn this rooftop to soften and characterize this luxurious space.

With some Texan steaks on the grill and Patrón classic Margaritas in hand, this rooftop ensemble is complete for the utmost of festivities to be had.

Lotsa Style That Goes For Miles

Rooftop Terraces; Photo By: Horst Architects via Zillow Digs

Leave it to a Californian architecture firm to design a rooftop with sophisticated, relaxed elegance. Californians not only have the Cali sunshine, but now have this rooftop with pool to enhance that scintillating sunshine and sexy sought-after serenity, while providing the most scenic of vistas to be experienced. According to Horst Architects, in designing this rooftop, the homeowner wanted to reinforce the idea that this home was sitting at the edge of a continent.

Livin' on the edge has now morphed into meaning celebratin' on this rooftop designed to entertain. Taking the party to the very edge has never seemed so swank. A soirée on this rooftop would surely be analogous to an all-star celebrity shindig seen only in the movies. Except the movie fantasy is real on this rooftop. Night, after night, after night.

Makin’ A Connection

Rooftop Terraces

Courtesy of EWM Realty, Photo by Ernesto Mendoza and Jonah Guin

This Florida rooftop has notable features reminiscent of something you'd, perhaps, find in Greece. With its whitewashed built-ins and blue cushioned seating, this rooftop takes you on a journey to Europe without any airport hassle.

The rooftop offers stunning water views, a limestone floor, a marble-topped dining table and Grecian stone planters filled with scarlet-red tulips. It also includes a sail-like canopy that is retractable and can be reeled in or out depending on the position of the sun. You can set sail to experience a leisurely Mediterranean lifestyle without ever leaving the comforts of your own red, white n' blue Florida rooftop.

An international Fourth of July party could be had here in a way never before celebrated. Not only would you be experiencing the gilded good life, but one unforgettable soirée after another on this charming rooftop. With free-flowing ouzo and opa!

Comin' Up, Everybody's Chillin'

Rooftop Terraces

This Park Avenue penthouse rooftop is located in New York City and was once on the market for $44 million. The penthouse spans the top three floors of a 16-story building, is roughly 7,000 square feet, and has 1,740 square feet of outdoor space, that includes exclusive use of the rooftop.

Imagine experiencing this roof deck with its private outdoor heated pool, wood-burning fireplace, wet bar and built-in Wolf barbecue. Surely, this rooftop terrace makes for a straight-up, perfect Manhattan. Party, that is.

Bonne soirée! As Pink is not shy to remind you, it’s time to send out the message to your family and friends: you better get your rooftop party started. And now.

Top Image: Faena House 3315 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140

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