Romance, Security And Calmness Are The Must-Have Bedroom Necessities

Sandra Oster

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An Interior Designer is a “chameleon of information” and wears many hats. One moment they are your design consultant for the versatility of your Family Room and the needs of the family. The next moment, they are talking about your private life and your desires and needs in your bedroom. No room in your house says more about the way you live, than your bedroom. It has to be perfect and a respite for emotion. The rest of your home is public but the bedroom is private and frequently unseen by others. This intimacy speaks to the importance of these design decisions made for this space.

Bedrooms are sanctuaries of rest. They are places we retreat to in good times as well as stressful moments so their environment needs to accommodate the wide spectrum of these moods. Each bedroom is different for each client but all of the choices you make in this particular space can only serve to heighten the experience. In the end, a bedroom is perhaps the most versatile room in the house serving every need a homeowner has…including a leisurely breakfast!

I always start a bedroom choosing the color scheme and then creating a palette of tones and textures to start the visual of the space. For instance, let’s start with color for the perimeter, the walls. The decision to choose wallpaper or paint for these vertical surfaces is the first step and there are reasons for each: wallpaper adds texture, warmth and detail while paint can add mood with the subtlety of tone. We can additionally accent the trim and ceiling by using a paint color/finish that compliments. Or maybe contrasts? Your choice!

Now we have our “canvas” where we start to add wool/silk/linen draperies and trim that soften the “box” and also add a layer of insulation for sound. Putting these fabric panels on a bronze metal rod and rings with crystal ball finials serves to accent the great contrast between these soft and hard materials. It is one of many creative options to be offered and of course, the client is the arbiter on decision. Perhaps they will want a soft fabric cornice with inverted corner pleats to add additional softness to the hard glass of the windows…a personal choice and a subject of discussion, always! Or perhaps, they LOVE the view in front of them and want nothing to take away from the moment…solar shades electronically disappearing and hidden when not needed!

Carpets are the next selection. A wool and silk monochromatic combination continue to add softness but there are so many other choices that may be more colorful or patterned. This carpet discussion centers on whether the rug disappears as part of the total design or is the feature of the space. Each client is different and their priorities and what they “see” in the room eventually rule the design. If they want an area rug, it usually needs to be a soft material so when getting into and out of bed, it is comfortable underfoot. In fact, some clients prefer a wall-to-wall plush cut pile carpet for the lush softness and deep pile that it presents. This feels like the ultimate royalty and is usually pretty affordable!

When furniture enters into the discussion, the wood and style choices are dependent on the interior look we have determined; paint grade, stain grade or even distressed looks are appropriate and can be used with flair in these spaces. Interior Designer Hint: I NEVER make every piece of furniture “match.” In fact, I like to use upholstered headboards, wooden nightstands and a dresser or bureau in mixed but complementary stains or finishes…so much more interesting! My linens will come at the end of the project and blend with the walls and trim when I will already feel the calm and romance in this room.

Perhaps you thought I forgot lighting! NEVER! One of my passions is creative and unique lighting and sometimes I design my own to fit the space. In today’s market, a lot of homes/apartments have only tiny recessed lights which I like. But given the opportunity to light the room with something more intimate to bring the ceiling down, I select a chandelier to reflect the beauty of the space. And then I choose lamps which have a contrasting material to add to the complexity of the bedroom…crystal? Murano glass? Ceramic/ Porcelain? Wood? Metal? So many, many choices! Can you envision a vintage glass chandelier delicately dropping from the ceiling with 2 Murano glass lamps on the nightstands, and an accent chair and ottoman completing the furnishings of my bedroom? I certainly can…..

The final finishing touches are the most important Accessorizing is the most necessary requirement of every room and a bedroom is no exception! From artwork to a bench at the end of the bed, books under the nightstands, throw and accent pillows, picture frames, clocks, flowers, phones and vessels, living with your special collectibles help to make this wonderful space so personal and meaningful.

Fantastic! A newly created space that is soft, romantic, enticing and personal…the ultimate luxury factor!

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