Rise and Shine: Elevator Boutique Gives Luxury a Lift

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Since 2003, Elevator Boutique has been bringing perhaps the ultimate touch of luxury to high-end homes with beautiful, stylish elevators. The lavish lifts are completely customized, from design and style to the components used to build them.

The brand has turned the concept of the elevator—a simple form of travel—into an art. Taking quality and speed into consideration, Elevator Boutique has gotten it down to three distinctive designs.

The FreedomLift caters to the conservative, and is chosen for its reliable and valuable qualities. With the capacity to carry three to five passengers, this model is as customizable as the rest.

The next level is the efficient, comfortable ElfoLift. Speedier than the FreedomLift, this model carries five passengers swiftly. Often favored by architects, this model is truly artful and innovative, boasting send buttons, remote control call and capabilities to use smart home systems.

SuperMec is the top-tier choice, seamlessly marrying luxury and utility. Style, design, speed and safety are at the helm in this nine-person elevator. Along with the standard customizing options are extra security and safety options.

Within this trio there are countless options for customization, so each home elevator is unique and coordinates with the abode around it. Customizable options include ceiling and lights, door panels and handles and even the hoistway. Choose from materials like marble, wood and stone for the elevator floors, and even give your preference of an observation or panaromic-style view.

Elevator Boutique has won countless awards for impeccable products and service, and it only takes one look to see why luxury homeowners are taking these lifts for a ride.

Source: Just Luxe; Photo: Elevator Boutique

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