Riese Design Joins Forces With George Oliphant On Home Improvement Show

Chasity Centeno

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Chasity Centeno

Photo Credit: Brooklyn East Photography

Whether you are building, remodeling or redecorating, Riese Design can transform your home or business into a beautiful space to call your own. Riese design commits to provide satisfaction in each project while relaying a level of trust with clients in order to grant them peace of mind. You can rest assured the results Chasity Centeno, Principal at Riese Design, delivers will be the results you expect.

Chasity recently spoke to Haute Design about the opportunity Riese Design was given to participate in the hit TV show, George to the Rescue.

Haute Design: Congratulations on the big TV announcement! Tell us a little bit about how this came about. When were you working on these projects and filming the series?

Chasity Centeno: NBC reached out to me directly, about six years ago, when I first started. I am currently filming my eighth episode. We recently filmed 'Maggie's Mission' in the summer, while simultaneously juggling about 15 clients. We usually do one a year but this year we had the honor and pleasure of filming three episodes. One episode was filmed in the winter, and the other two were filmed in the summer and fall, respectively.


HD: For those who might not be aware of George to the Rescue, could you briefly explain the premise of the show?

CC: George to the Rescue is a home improvement show, which airs on NBC, and focuses on home renovations and makeovers for deserving families. Contractors, designers and tradespeople alike, donate their services to help out for the greater good of the family, with one main goal in mind - providing a space that heightens the functionality of the home by accommodating the corresponding family's wants and needs.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn East Photography

HD: Was this one of the more gratifying experiences of your career?

CC: Each and every episode that I work on, and the families I help, are gratifying all the same. Design is more than just making a space pretty. Design is about changing someone's life for the better, in the most important place they could ever be - their home.


HD: How much did these projects differ from your other projects?

CC: The scope of the project wasn't all that different from other projects that I take on. The biggest difference is the timeline where we squeeze what would be a three-month project into about four weeks. All the products need to be purchased, inspected, delivered, designed and installed in about a month's timeframe from start to finish.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn East Photography

HD: How and when can we tune in to watch the episodes?

CC: The next episode will air Saturday, October 9th, at 9:30am and 7pm ET in the greater New York area on NBC. The show is nationally syndicated. Our 8th episode, which we are filming this fall, is set to air in the Spring of 2022.


HD: Would you be willing to do more television appearances on similar programs?

CC: Yes, as long as it is for a good cause!


HD: What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?

CC: The reward you get from helping someone is not always about a dollar sign, it's more about what's at the heart of why you do what you do.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn East Photography

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