Reiko Lewis of Ventus Design Talks Design Inspiration, New Design Trends, and Client Expectations

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reiko lewis

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I think of design all day, every day. Design is something that is a part of my life. Walking along the street, nature inspires me. Appreciating art, reading poetry, experiencing unique cultures and philosophy and listening to the life experience of others also helps to inform my design.

Are you looking forward to following any new design trends this year?

Design trends are usually followed by new technological developments. I would like to be on top of the new technologies that lead to more sustainable products. Over all, I think they contribute to the increased well-being and happiness of residents and guests.

reiko lewis

What should a client expect from you should they choose you as their interior designer?

I strongly believe that the design of a space should reflect that space’s culture, location and time. Today, many designs are “cookie cutter” without showcasing the special environment they are a part of. My designs are always simple, sophisticated, inspiring, stylish, warm, inviting and elegant, and they always reflect a true sense of place and time while remaining “timeless.”

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