Real Estate Prices Are Up In U.S. Markets And Abroad

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From East to West, North to South, real estate prices in the U.S., Canada, and Costa Rica are up, as evidenced by multiple testimonials from members of the Haute Residence Network of top real estate professionals.

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Read below for how they see their areas' price activity in real estate.

Alex Min, Lake Tahoe, NV: "Up 30% at a minimum in the last six months."

Alison Melton of The Melton Group, Hilton Head Island/Bluffton, SC: "On average, we are +30% from last year and sales volume is +64% for residential homes."

Bento Queiroz of The Bento Queiroz Group, Southwest Ranches/Weston, FL: "Inventory is shrinking and therefore prices are steadily increasing."

Brian Pearl of the Pearl Antonacci Group, "Median list prices in Boca Raton are up 34.7% from last year in single-family homes."

Catherine Burgess of The Burgess Group, Boulder, CO: "Our area has appreciated substantially since last year."

Clara Hartree, West Vancouver, British Columbia: "[On] average, 10% [up]."

Claudia Llanes, Edgewater, FL: "Prices have increased due to the low single-family home inventory that's currently available."

Dante DiSabato, Naples, FL: "Prices are slightly increased but not as much as you think they would [have]. There is just a lack of inventory and prices will rise here shortly."

David Welles, Wellington, FL: "Prices are up approximately 10-12%."

Debra Johnston, Atlanta, GA: "Going up and continue, estimated 5%."

Doug Labor, Steamboat Springs, CO: "Residential prices in the Steamboat Springs area are up an average of 11% from last year."

Elisa Linton, Humble/Kingwood (Houston metro area), TX: "Increased."

Elliot Bogod of Broadway Realty, Upper West Side, New York City, NY: "Manhattan is the only area not increase will be remembered as years of opportunity in residential real estate. Prices are expected to stabilize before the end of the year and increase after the pandemic is over."

Ernie Carswell, West Hollywood, CA: "Prices are generally up 5-7% for properties under $6 million."

Frank D. Isoldi, Westfield, NJ: "Our market has 1/3 the inventory that we had last year, which is driving our average sales price up across the board."

Jennifer Brilliant, Surfside, FL: "Prices for houses are higher this year. Prices for condos are about the same."

Karen Kenyon, Vancouver Island, British Columbia: "Significantly higher and still trending upwards due to low inventory."

Kathleen Floryan, Jacksonville, FL: "Up."

KC Martin, Paris, France: "Prices are generally holding or up, depending on the area. Buyers are looking to make moves in real estate now with interest rates low, Covid uncertainty, and looking to diversify their investment portfolios, which includes real property."

Kelly Ringer-Radetich, Redwood City, CA: "We have seen prices, in some areas, climb, and in other areas [stay] steady."

Krista Richman, Fort Lauderdale, FL: "Prices are going up, inventory is going down!"

Laura Livaudais, Asheville/Western North Carolina: "Simply put - the prices are higher. The average list price ($397,829) was 20% higher while the average sales price ($390,696) was 23% higher. You can readily see from those prices that Asheville maintains its status as “recognizably affordable.”

Mark Salmon,  South Tahoe, CA: "50% higher."

Nilou Henderson of Henderson Ventures, Charlotte, NC: "Steadily increasing. Some areas have seen an increase of almost 20% in the last year. I expect the increases to remain as inventory remains low."

Leslie S. Modell of the Leslie S. Modell Team, Midtown East, New York City, NY: "The prices I would say, on the luxury side (over $3 million), are off about 10-20%."

Roberta Ingletto of RGI Realty, South Miami/Pinecrest, FL: "Maybe 20% higher. It's crazy how demand has gone up - first homes, now condo sales are picking up as well."

Ryan Knowles, Bahamas: "Similar [to last year]."

Sandra Fiorenza, Miami Beach, FL: "Home prices have increased by 30%. The number of listings has decreased by 50% and inventory is very small."

Scott Goshorn, Brentwood, CA: "Up. However, the market was on fire about this time last year... then Covid threw a bucket of cold water on it."

Tim Fenton of Blue Zone Realty International, Costa Rica: "Prices are up approximately 11%."

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