Real Estate Market During Quarantine: Top Agents In The Hamptons, Malibu and Miami Weigh In

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The "real estate market during quarantine" topic has gotten attention from the industry in all levels and locations. Haute Residence held a webinar with leading agents from three of the most coveted real estate markets: Susan Breitenbach (The Hamptons, NY), Chris Cortazzo (Malibu, CA), and Jill Eber (South Florida).

The webinar was hosted by Haute Living's Seth Semilof. Watch it below.

About today's panelists:

Susan Breitenbach is the #1 broker in The Hamptons, NY. with over $5 billion in career transactions.

Chris Cortazzo is a top agent for Compass in Malibu, CA, with over $5 billion in career sales.

Jill Eber is one of the founders of The Jills Zeder Group, with closed sales of over $5 billion affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty.

real estate market during quarantine webinar - Cortazzo, Eber, Breitenbach

Chris Cortazzo, Jill Eber, Susan Breitenbach

Highlight quotes from today's webinar:

Susan Breitenbach: "For newer agents, you can't give up. Put your head down, work hard, communicate. There's a lot of business out there for everyone... You have to work hard and have determination. Keep your mind open; do everything you possibly can to be the best."

Chris Cortazzo: "People want to buy in Malibu now. They are not going to Europe this summer. We are getting a lot of people from Aspen, San Francisco, New York, and obviously Los Angeles... It's a challenging but exciting time. I'm optimistic about when things start opening up."

Jill Eber: "To sellers, you have the opportunity right now because you can get your house in order, make it shine. Go in, get things in order, make it as beautiful as you can... We have a very big rental market. A lot of people are looking for short-term, but there are some now starting to look for longer-term."

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