A Q&A With Ramazan Patak, Founder Of Globaltex Fine Linens

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Ramazan Patak founded Globaltex Fine Linens in 2015, with the vision to give the hospitality industry high-quality product never seen or used before. Patak recognized the need for linens that would be able to withstand commercial-grade washing machines. He traveled to Denizli, Turkey, well-known as the textile capital of the world, to work with a manufacturer to bring his dream to life. Opening its doors in South Florida, Globaltex quickly rose up the ranks to become a main supplier for the strong hospitality sector.

Globaltex Fine LinensPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Globaltex Fine Linens

Here, Patak joins Haute Residence for a look on how Globaltex has developed, grown, adapted to this year's pandemic, and into the future.

Haute Residence: How did you come about founding Globaltex?

Ramazan Patak: I founded Globaltex Fine Linens in 2015. I have closely worked with the hospitality industry before and I realized the products hotels were using were bad, they would not last long and the quality was not the best. They were in need of good, luxury linens that would not get destroyed after a few washes.

So I decided to develop those products and went to Denizli, Turkey which is known to be the textile mainland of the world and began working with the best manufacturers in the area to create what I envisioned. And that is what brought me here, our clients believe in our products, they know they’re high quality, so the business keeps growing and we are always looking for ways to improve and expand.

Since its inception, what have clients and the target audience of Globaltex identified as the company's main service? Why?

Our main target audience has always been five-star hotels, resorts, and luxury properties, the reason behind that is easy, we love and care about luxury and we want our clients to understand and care about it too.

Each one of our products is carefully thought from its conception to the production to the moment a client receives it. We focus on details and the experience one of our products will make the person feel. That is why we want our clients to be able to appreciate and enjoy what we do.

In which ways has this year's pandemic had an effect on your business and how you market it?

Of course, at first, it was hard, because as I mentioned before we make business with the hospitality industry and it’s no secret that hotels, resorts, and even restaurants were of the most affected industries during this pandemic.

But as I’m sure many of the business out there did it, we took a moment to think about what we wanted to do and how could we do it. And we decided it was time to adapt right now, so we could expand in the future.

With our knowledge of textiles, we decided to produce masks and that helped us a lot during tougher times. And we also decided it was time to explore an idea that had to do with textiles too but with a different focus, our Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Those two helped us keep our business going and our minds focusing on the fact that better days are coming.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Globaltex Fine Linens

What do you envision for the present and future of the company?

We like to think big; that helps us achieve our goals. And right now, our biggest goal is to be the best linen supplier for hotels and homes in the world, we are working hard and producing high-quality products that will help us get there.

At the moment, we are focusing on opening offices in some of the main cities in the world. Starting from here in the United States, we already have two showrooms and offices. And we also have our office/showroom in Turkey, so we are looking forward to expanding into Europe too.

There are a lot of great things coming for Globaltex, we are working hard and keeping our minds positive. We will be here for a long time and this is just the beginning.

For more on Globaltex Fine Lines, visit https://globaltexusa.com/.

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