Priscilla Haisley Doesn’t Just Sell Homes, She Sells Miami Dreams

Priscilla Haisley

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Priscilla Haisley is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and top-producing real estate agent with firsthand experience and a keen understanding of her client’s needs. She is one of the top 10 of hundreds of agents at her brokerage with notable sales including Bentley Residences for $5.9M, a Keystone Waterfront home for $3.3M, and two units at the 1 hotel residences for $4,075M and $4.2M.  

She works with both her residential and commercial real estate clients by utilizing South Florida’s tropical scenery and beaches which offer the ultimate ambiance for a healthy lifestyle. Priscilla, who is proficient in Portuguese, also frequently travels to Brazil connecting international clients with investment opportunities in South Florida. She has created a successful network of Portuguese-speaking loan officers, title companies, and concierge services allowing her Brazilian clients to conduct business in their native language removing all barriers while adding extra comfort.

Here, Priscilla speaks with Haute Residence about her Real Estate journey and finding her purpose in the industry.

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I came to the United States from Rio de Janeiro when I was 19 years old. At that time I decided that Veterinary school wasn’t for me (go figure!) and decided to take a break from college to travel and learn another language. I landed in Florida and soon I was traveling cross country learning more about this beautiful place. From Utah to California, to Hawaii, to Vegas, and back to Miami… I lived everywhere! As time went by, I decided to create roots. I opened a fitness clothing company out of my garage in California and in no time, I was selling to 28 countries. I then moved back to Miami and opened retail stores in Sunny Isles and South Beach. Sales have always been my passion and what I know to do the best; however, I was missing a purpose and one day I realized that what Steve Jobs once said is the ultimate truth: “Your career will make a big part of your life and the only way to be happy is to do what you love.” I sold my clothing business and decided to start selling dreams. Owning a Home is a dream! It’s the place you go back to every night, your shelter, that’s where you raise your family, that’s where you recharge. I found my calling, I don’t want to just sell, I have a purpose now… I want to make dreams come true!

I believe my background has a big influence on the way I conduct business. I was born in Rio de Janeiro and have lived in many different places throughout the US. This has opened my mind to all types of cultures and personalities. I can connect and relate to the retired CEO, the young tech generation, or the recently arrived immigrant family looking for their dream home. I have a very versatile clientele, and this connection goes beyond just business, it creates long-term relationships.

Once I had an online lead from Chicago calling to inquire about a condo for sale at the 1 Hotel Residences. He was staying at the Hotel and only wanted to speak with the seller or listing agent, after 30 minutes on the call I was able to convince him to meet me the next day for a coffee. I was able to gather all the answers to his questions and scheduled two other off-market units in the building for him to see. We met for coffee the next day and toured the properties. He ended up putting in a full-price cash offer of $4,200,000 for one of the units, which was accepted, and on the same day, a 1-year lease of $440k was offered to his under-contract unit. He then decided to accept the one-year lease and buy another unit as well (the off-market one for $4,075,000), that way he could enjoy the vacation condo with his family.

I didn't just show him my knowledge of the market but went the extra mile to provide a service no other realtor was doing at that moment.

Miami is a lifestyle! The boating life, beautiful beaches, Michelin-star restaurants throughout the city, luxury shopping, and remarkable events such as Art Basel make this city truly one of a kind.

Miami has always attracted people from all over the world! This intensified after 2020 when many people resorted to working from home. Great weather and state income tax savings mean that many Americans relocated to Miami and are here to stay.

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For more information, please contact Priscilla Haisley at 305-322-3665 or

Priscilla Haisley is one of the exclusive agents representing the Miami Shores, FL real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of her listings here.


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