Porcelain Collector Richard Baron Cohen Lists Oyster Bay Mansion Modeled After Petit Trianon for $15 Million

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Porcelain collector, Richard Baron Cohen, has put his 6-acre waterfront home on the market for a cool $15 million. The sprawling property, located in Oyster Bay, Long Island, is modeled after Marie Antoinette’s Versailles chateau Petit Trianon.

"My father said to me when I was young that around 55 years old I would get sick of all the stuff and want to live in comfort," he told the New York Daily News. "He was right. I don’t need all of this. I want out already."

Cohen's limestone palace features eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms — with gold-plated hippopotamus faucets — plus an indoor theater. Not surprisingly, the home also boasts one of the world's most impressive porcelain collections, including 2,500 mostly European pieces, and portrait miniatures created between 1780 and 1840. Cohen also owns the world’s second-largest collection of Three Stooges memorabilia and several locks of Napoleon’s hair.

Unfortunately, the property suffered some structural damage in 1998 because the limestone was too heavy for the frame, but was rebuilt with a concrete and steel frame similar to those used in office buildings.

Check out pictures below:

Photo credit: New York Daily News

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