Poltrona Frau Reinterprets Pierluigi Cerri’s Iconic Design 40 Years Later

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Originally introduced in 1982, the iconic Italian brand, Poltrona Frau is bringing back one of their initial line of timeless furnishings.  
Photo Credit: Poltrona Frau
Created 40 years ago, the exclusive designs by Pierluigi Cerri are making a comeback. The star of the show and blast from the past is the Ouverture sofa. A piece of expert craftsmanship and years of stylistic research, this sofa is an icon of the ages.

The Overture name derives from the world of music. A true classic with an innovative design, the concept is meant to be provocative and challenging. “With its Brutalist structure, Overture highlights the system of beliefs that conceived it, as a protest against bourgeois conformism,” explained Pierluigi Cerri himself.

Photo Credit: Poltrona Frau

The Brutalist piece serves as a juxtaposition within itself. Its sharp industrial structure contrasts against its comforting cushions as an impressive display of metal and softness. It remains a pure traditional classic yet has been contemporized to represent the future. However, not much has been modified since its first introduction. The sofa’s cushions have been altered to minimize their voluminous appearance and maximize comfort and efficiency. The current edition also includes a richness of details such as buttons and the tapering and stitching along the cushions’ edges, making the sofa a piece of art from every angle.

Overture’s initial appearance is light and lean. The industrial inspired structure is supported by a T-shaped beam keeping the design simple yet stylish. The sofa comes with cushion upholstery options of either Pelle Frau® leather or fabric with metal parts of epoxy powder-coated in a sleek matt black with double “C” aluminum joints which are visible from certain angles, adding another unique design element.

Photo Credit: Poltrona Frau

The remodel of Ouverture proves Poltrona Frau’s expertise. The leather work and craftsmanship that went into designing this sofa are incomparable. The combination of metals, leather, new technologies and more create an impeccable design and unmatched quality.

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