Pininfarina Presents “Oasis” During CASACOR Miami 2019

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Globally recognized design firm Pininfarina designed a special installation titled “Oasis” for this year’s CASACOR Miami, which runs through December 21st at Brickell City Centre‘s 700 Brickell Avenue building.

Pininfarina 2019 casacor 1Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pininfarina

Paolo Pininfarina, whose grandfather opened the luxury design firm, was present during Miami Art Week 2019 to unveil the presentation.

“Oasis” explores the concept of mindfulness through a global lens, providing an immersive experience that allows the viewer to engage with all senses. It was created as a partnership with Florida-based sustainable luxury furniture leader Sklar Furnishings, and the landscape architecture practice, LAND.

Pininfarina casacor 2Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pininfarina

“Architecture and design are far more than a mere collection of aesthetic elements—the built environment can influence the behavior of people in a powerful way,” says Paolo Trevisan, Pininfarina’s Head of Design and Architecture.

Pininfarina casacor 3Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pininfarina

The plan for the exhibition is anchored in a single, interactive pathway, intended to represent the journey to self-realization and groundedness. Designed to detach each visitor from the technology-driven world and reconnect the body to a sense of self, the pathway will lead to a secluded, calming oasis hidden within the installation. Participants will find this pathway at the end of a narrow tunnel, perfectly balanced by a lush, central tree of life. Above, a cascading garden will provide a sense of security, slowing visitors’ racing minds and allowing them to find peace and healing in nature. The biophilia for the exhibit will be curated by LAND. Designed with the purpose of wellbeing; whether used for medicinal or fragrant purposes, each of the plants will be selected for how it benefits the human body. Capitalizing on sweeping city views, which are framed by a custom-built bar at the window, visitors will discover the oasis within––invited to unwind and explore their taste buds over a cup of herbal tea.

Pininfarina casacor 5Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pininfarina

Driven by the philosophy that good design can support good health, Pininfarina is incorporating the five senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound—into the design of the exhibition to create moments of healing and tranquility for the mind, body, and spirit. For sight, written affirmations and strategically-placed lighting will facilitate visitor relaxation; for sound, calming music that corresponds to mood lighting will define the energy of the journey, encouraging visitors to release the tensions of modern life; for smell, natural biophilic aromas will enhance one’s connection to the natural world; for taste, calming tea will be available for those who enjoy the ritual; and for touch, peaceful, grounding materials and textures will exude serenity and offer comfort.

Pininfarina casacor 4Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pininfarina

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