Peek Inside This Tree House Apartment in the Brazilian Rainforest

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Becoming one with nature has never been so chic. In the midst of the Brazilian jungle, the geniuses behind Studio Mk27 have constructed a brilliantly designed three-story apartment above the Paulista shore. The structure utilizes every aspect of the rainforest-covered mountain to create a masterful connection between nature and architecture.


Sitting effortlessly between the treetops, the Casa Na Mata Jungle house blends its architectural ingenuity with its preexisting natural landscape. The apartment offers breathtaking views of the shore and the endless expanse of jungle that surrounds it. All of the indoor and outdoor spaces were designed with fluidity and comfort in mind. The artful arrangement of concrete, wood, and vegetation throughout the apartment creates an atmosphere of coziness and modernity that is inviting to even the most steadfast city dweller.


The three-level design follows an inverted vertical organization, with the social spaces positioned at the top. The ground floor features an expansive covered, wooden deck, adjacent to a smaller children’s room. The next level boasts a television room, six bedrooms, and five verandas that are each equipped with a hammock. The third level impresses with a two-sided design. A large wooden deck hosts a hot tub and sauna, while an infinity pool and ground fire place are built deftly into the adjacent concrete adorning an open living space.


Not too shabby for a little shack in the woods.


Photos by Fernando Guerra

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