Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban’s Real Estate Empire

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As a celebrity couple, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban seem remarkably low-key. Urban is a whole lotta country while Kidman is a little bit Aussie rock n' roll. But this duo's seemingly easygoing existence is paired perfectly with a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio: from New York City; to Sydney; to Nashville. This celebrity couple just happens to own a barn home that has the kinds of design finishes you'd see in the upper-middle-class contemporary conventional home. But they also own penthouses with glamorous granite countertops, glass bricks in the guest bathroom, and skylights in the living rooms, not to mention the most astonishing city views.

As Kidman says, “From a very early age, I knew I didn’t want to miss out on anything in life had to offer." And she and Urban are definitely not missing out, anywhere in the world. Let's take a trip around the world visiting Nicole and Keith at home, shall we?


An elegant living room for family and friends. Around the corner is a piano where Urban plays some melodies and writes his hit songs.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Kidman posted this photo of their cat. What's the cat thinking? I hope we're not moving anytime soon.

The bedroom with views of the green pastures. Imagine Kidman and Urban lounging in bed reading the real estate listings.


Photo: Media Mode

By far, the best Aussie view available.

Photo: Supplied

Kidman and Urban surely bask in this balcony view.

Photo: Supplied

Perhaps their two girls enjoy lounging in this TV room.

Photo: Supplied

This view is confirmation of the couple's real estate mogul status.

 New York City

High above it all in New York City, the couple can relax and rejuvenate.

The Hudson River has never looked so Urban-good.


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