Naomi Campbell’s Spaceship-Style Home

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Naomi Campbell's choice in real estate is off-beat to say the least. The supermodel owns an eye-shaped eco-palace in Turkey, Gothic palaces in Venice and perhaps the most interesting: a spaceship-style mansion near Moscow.

Designed by Siren of Swoop, Countess of Curves Zaha Hadid, the 28,500-square-foot home features a 65-foot-tall giraffe neck that somewhat resembles an Air Traffic Control tower.

According to the architect's website:

Located on the north-face hillside in Barvikha where pine and birch trees grow up to 20 meters high, a villa with fluid geometries emerges from the landscape. Its programme is divided into two components: one merging with the hillside, another floating above the ground with dynamic views overlooking the forest.

Source and photos courtesy Curbed.

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