The Five Most Important Design Tips

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Interior decorating is not everyone's cup of tea. So if you're looking to spruce up your place, then consider these five tips provided by Decor & Style that are sure to liven up any space. The tips include how to pick colors, furnishings, flooring and more.

Wondering what they are? Read below:

Tip 1:  When you are choosing the color for you bedroom choose very carefully. Every room has different aspects (like it’s orientation, size, number of windows) that make the color look different in every time of the day. Our advice is to get some samples, hag them on the wall and check the color at different time of the day. If you still love it, then it’s the right choice.

Tip 2: Check the space available when you are furnishing your divisions. You don’t want to move dining chairs backwards to stand up, and your partner won’t thank you if you climb over him or her to get out of bed.  You need to have space to move inside your house.

Tip 3: Shape matters more than size. The tip is to use furniture with long low lines, keeping the room felling spacious without cramping your style. 

Tip 4: Every room needs light from a variety of sources. You need to use the general light but also some table or floor lamp for other needs like reading for example. It also needs to be adjustable to create different atmospheres in the space. Lamp: Evans by Delightfull.

Tip 5: When you are choosing the flooring, think that the color of your floor works with the walls to affect its perceived dimensions. Choose a dark floor and light walls and you’ll widen the space.

Source and photos courtesy Decor and Style.

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