Would You Build a Backyard Mini Mansion For Your Child?

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Gone are the days when playhouses were hand-crafted by dad or assembled together as a small family project. These days, parents are investing significant amounts to build mansion-esque playhouses for their children. This week, the Wall Street Journal reported on some real-life playhouses which cost more than actual homes, and come equipped with amenities like running water, working refrigerators and home theaters.

Some standouts include a 224-square-foot Los Angeles Victorian-style playhouse with a wraparound porch comes with a media room, kitchen and running water made by La Petite Maison (which retails for approximately $50,000).

A playhouse from La Petite Maison.

Meanwhile, a 790-square-foot redwood playhouse made by Barbara Butler cost some $234,300. This unique treehouse is built around a tree and features a secret escape door under one of the benches.

Tell us, what do you think of the trend for building luxury playhouses?

A playhouse from Barbara Butler.


 Source and photos courtesy The Wall Street Journal.

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