Why Is Middle Tennessee Such a Hot Market?

Lisa Culp Taylor

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There are so many reasons why the Nashville area is such an appealing place to live but Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team – Parks, unabashedly shares - it is the greatest place on earth to her.

The market in the Middle Tennessee area is remarkably vibrant considering the state of our nation and world but Taylor says the quality of life the area offers is driving the luxury market today.

Lisa Culp Taylor - Tennessee blog - AugustPhoto Credit: Reed Brown

“When state recruiters promote Tennessee, no income tax is at the top of the list so you immediately get a pay increase if moving from an income tax state. Nashville also has a very diverse economy with multiple private and public universities and health care companies as well as several corporate headquarters including Nissan North America,” she explained. “At the heart of all of this is our incredible music scene which includes Country, Rock and Americana for starters. Add to this equation our eclectic restaurant scene and the strong variety of professional sports teams and you’ll find a quality of life that is really pretty special.”

Lisa Culp TaylorPhoto Credit: Jay Winter

Personally, Taylor says the change of seasons is one of her favorite reasons. “You get to experience four definite seasons in Nashville and each have their own unique beauty. I live in Franklin, just outside of Nashville, and the holidays in this city are so charming, just like a postcard.”

Lisa Culp TaylorPhoto Credit: Jay Winter

Many of the homes which Taylor has recently sold are wrapped by the rolling hills of Tennessee and pretty indigenous trees like oak, maple, dogwood and the Tulip Poplar, the state’s official tree. “You can definitely find privacy and peaceful living in Tennessee.”

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