Maurice Boschetti On The Gables Estates’ Real Estate Market

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Photo Credit: Josh G

Maurice Boschetti is one of the top premier brokers in South Florida luxury real estate, closing numerous multi-million dollar deals in the past few years. Maurice has been in the real estate business for only 3 years but has already become one of the top-producing realtors in Miami-Dade County. His hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the South Florida market have allowed him to build a solid client base and achieve success in record time. Maurice’s overflowing positive energy, passion, and attention to detail has helped him provide the signature customer service experience he is quickly becoming famous for. Haute Residence caught up with Boschetti to discuss Gables Estates and predictions he has for the market in 2020.

How has real estate in Gables Estates changed over the last 5 years?

Gables Estates has always been seen as the most prestigious community in Coral Gables. It is known for being the home to many influential and reputable residents.

Over the past 5 years, the market in Gables Estates has been strong, but I have noticed it getting stronger and stronger. As of recently, Gables Estates has seen a lot of movement in the market.
I think people are starting to realize the value they get compared to Miami Beach is substantial. In Gables Estates, a buyer can get much more land with their money. As well, the schools around Gables Estates is another reason for many people leaning towards this area.

How long have you been selling real estate in Gables Estates?

I have only been selling real estate in Gables Estates for the past year, but I am looking to continue to work in this community. This year alone I have sold a home for $23,000,000, an empty lot for $13,950,000, and currently have listed a home for $55,000,000.

What are buyers looking for most in their homes?

I have noticed a trend that buyers are looking at all the different homes on the market in Gables Estates, but ultimately want to build their own home or remodel an existing home. We have yet to see one of the new homes sell for over $25,000,000, but there is a couple on the market. I think once a buyer pulls the trigger on one of those homes in that price range it will stir up the market in a good way for Gables Estates.

What are your predictions for the market in 2020?

In 2020, I see a couple of the homes over $25,000,000 selling and boosting the market. Just driving around the community now, you see many homes under construction which will be hitting the market this year. As always, election year can cause people to hold back on buying but ultimately Gables Estates is a community where the value will stay strong as there is a strict application process and a hefty application fee which will always keep Gables Estates very prestigious.

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