Mark Waite On What He Loves About Maui

Mark Waite

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Photo Credit: Pascal Debrunner

As a West Point graduate, two-time US cycling champion and Olympic team member, Mark Waite knows how to work hard to get results. And he brings that work ethic every day to his clients. After resigning his active duty commission, Waite began a lengthy and successful sales career in financial services, technology and software industries for start-up companies and large companies such as Merrill Lynch and IBM.

Maui has always been a second home for Waite's family. In 2016, after 25 years of successful sales experience, he made the decision to make Maui his permanent home. At that time, he also decided to make a career change and pursue his passion in real estate, obtaining a license and jumping headfirst into real estate. Haute Residence caught up with Waite to talk about Maui and what he loves most about it.

How long have you been living in the Maui area?

Our family purchased a home in the Maui Meadows neighborhood in Kihei in 1986 so Maui has always been a second home for us. Over the years, my wife and I talked about moving to Maui full-time but figured we would do it at retirement. However, four years ago, life threw us a curveball. My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. We decided to accelerate our plans and moved to Maui, making it our home.

Do you see many visitors this time of year compared to other seasons?

Historically, this time of the year tends to be a slower time of the year for tourism and picks back up in late October. This year, however, has been unusual. Although tourism is down compared to the peak season of November through April, it remains strong compared to past years.

Photo Credit: Mike Baker

What do you love most about living in the Maui area?

Maui is a beautiful place to live. With so many micro-climates, you can go to another part of the island and have a totally different experience. There are some great beaches, turquoise-colored water. I am a cyclist so love the riding around various parts of the island. You can stay on flat roads or go uphill, all the way to Haleakala if you so desire!

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the Summer?

Besides cycling, I try to make time to go to the beach with my family.

Is there another time of year that you love about Maui?

The winter is a really nice time of the year to be on Maui. The weather is cooler (compared to summer) and the tradewinds tend to be less. But the winter is also our rainy season so you have to be prepared for the possibility of getting wet with a passing shower.

Photo Credit: Andrew Ruiz

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