Sensational Series: Mansion Global with Katrina Campins Returns to FOX Business Network

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Presented by FOX Business Network (FBN), beloved luxury real estate program Mansion Global with Katrina Campins returns to television to highlight the country’s most lavish and remarkable mansions.

Katrina Campins

Launched in 2007, FOX Business Network (FBN) is currently one of television’s top business channels delivering financial news with real-time information across all platforms. On Monday, April 24th, the network presented an impressive ensemble of programming with the return of fan favorite shows. Following the success of its first three seasons, FBN Prime debuted its fourth season. Further, the acclaimed series COPS has joined FBN Prime lineup.

Lauren Petterson, president of the network, announced, “the lineup once again features touching and inspiring stories that showcase the individuals that make this country so special.” The network is slated to bring back other beloved programs including Stuart Varney’s American Built, My Dream Car hosted by Danielle Trotta, and Mansion Global with Katrina Campins.

On Wednesday nights from 9 and 9:30 PM/ET, Katrina Campins will host back-to-back episodes of esteemed luxury real estate series Mansion Global.

“The most important space in your life is your home. It's where you can be most authentically yourself, spend time with family, and create the foundation for love and success in other aspects of your life. It all starts at home," said Katrina. "In addition, this season I will also share conversations with friends of mine in the public eye from actors, singers, UFC fighters, NBA players, Olympians, high profile business people, all who opened their hearts to me as they share what home means to them.”

In partnership with Dow Jones, the 30-minute television program offers an inside look into the country’s most glamorous and astonishing real estate listings on the market. Since its prior season, the show has experienced exponential double digit growth in the younger 25-54 demographic. This season aims to guide viewers on an extraordinary experience through America’s most lavish mansions from Miami’s exclusive neighborhoods to Colorado’s picturesque Rocky Mountains and beyond.

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