Design Meets Function with Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

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Designers out of Venice, Calif. have created the ultimate piece of novelty furniture for the most enthusiastic of gamers: a coffee table that looks like the original Nintendo controller—and it actually works.

To use the table as a controller, the user simply removes the glass on top of the table and connects a retractable cord from underneath to the console.

Bohemian Work Bench is the first to come out with such a creation. A do-it-yourself designer from Australian built a table with a similar concept, but the table comes complete with storage box for games underneath.

The original price of the table was $1,950, but the new design featuring maple, mahogany and walnut woods will run $3,700 at the group’s Etsy store.

For a video demonstration of the table, click the link below:

VIDEO: Bohemian Work Bench made the Video Game Controller Coffee Table

Source: Huffington Post

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