MAD Architects Designs Luxury Hillside Village at 8600 Wilshire

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Chinese architectural group known as MAD Architects just announced its first-ever project in the U.S.—a 48,000-square-foot residential development called "8600 Wilshire," slated to break ground this fall in Beverly Hills.


Studio director Ma Yansong envisions a harmonized community that emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature amidst the busy city. The international investment implements cross-cultural references involving collectivistic East Asian influence.

Described as a “hillside village,” the property’s main features consist of an 18-unit housing facility for Los Angeles residents as well as a water-tolerant exterior wall deliberately wrapped in wild succulents and vines from the city’s lower-range mountains. The 8600 Wilshire development will be a diversion from the long-standing modernist aspect of function before relationship.

A more exclusive glance at the structure’s base reveals the intimate space shared by the building’s tenants. Overlooking the private garden will be a seemingly transparent glass veneer from the back wing of three townhouses, five villas, two studios, and eight condominiums. The residents can further enjoy the garden’s exclusive water feature, a double reflecting pool.

Photos and details courtesy of Design Boom

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