MacArthur and Lai Group Are Making Your Hawaii Home-Search a Breeze

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The world is changing and real estate in Hawai’i is no exception. Buyers and Sellers are savvy about their needs, and there are more ways than ever to undertake a property search. How do you stay above the curve? Do you want the same old practices, or are you looking for innovation? Megan MacArthur, R(B), and Alethea Lai R(S) are betting on innovation, combining fresh new marketing backed by the most well-respected luxury brand on the planet, Sotheby’s International Realty. This powerhouse combination brings you worldwide exposure with their focus on your satisfaction, ease, and exceeding your expectations. Together, Megan and Alethea have 30 years of experience under their belt and are consistently in the top 5% of agents at Venture Sotheby’s. Their central focus is on the West side of the Big Island, and they represent long-term kama’aina as well as newcomers, from luxury properties to farms.

Here, the team shares with Haute Residence their real estate journey and what makes Hawaii unique.

69-1033 Naupaka Kai Pl, Waikoloa, HI 96738 - $22,000,000


Why did Megan and Alethea choose Real Estate?

Megan and Alethea came into real estate from different channels. Megan’s mother was a foundational real estate entrepreneur in the State of Hawai'i. Megan took after her mother’s love for the business and has been consistently producing at the top of her company since she became a full-time agent. She was a professional dancer and is still an incredible athlete, Nia trainer, cross-fitter, and cyclist.

Alethea loved real estate from the time she was a child, the lure of home ownership was strong having hippy parents who moved often. She bought her first property at the age of 18. After running non-profits, she decided to do real estate as a full-time business 8 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

What was their journey to where they are today?

Alethea and Megan are mothers, athletes, dancers, foodies, and ethical professionals who love people. They go out of their way to make their client’s dreams a reality. As a team, they have become consistent top producers in the company, and work out of the Mauna Kea Hotel’s offices. Their deep commitment to their clients sets them apart from the crowd as they truly care about Hawaii and their clients. They are dedicated to being the best they can be for their clients and have been consistently producing sales that prove their methodology is working.

What is their biggest success story to date?

Megan and Alethea’s biggest success stories are all told by numbers! They went from a brand new team with no sales to some of their company’s highest-ranking sales numbers from 2020-2023. They have brought their clients the highest prices in their neighborhood from Puako to North Kohala to Waikoloa to Waimea! They commit to a sale and they make it happen for their clients, letting nothing stop them from achieving what some call impossible. They attribute this to their tenacity with ethics and always thinking creatively to make dreams come true.

What makes their market unique?

Everything makes Hawai’i Island unique! It is an island, in the middle of the Pacific, with an active volcano! It is a place that has deep cultural ties to its host culture and to the natural environment. It also has the vision of ‘paradise’ for many. Navigating this ever-changing environment, especially for visitors not familiar with our way of life, is what Megan and Alethea do best. By catering nationwide best practices and adapting them to life here in Hawaii, they assist their clients in understanding and feeling confident in their choice to move to and within the State of Hawai`i, helping their clients find their place here.


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MacArthur And Lai Group is one of the exclusive agencies representing the Big Island, Hawaii real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of their listings here.

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