Luxury Real Estate And Spring Break Season In Brentwood, California

Robert Radcliffe

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Editor's Note: Robert Radcliffe, exclusive agent representing the Brentwood, CA real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network, talks about the luxury real estate market and the spring break season!

Radcliffe Brentwood spring break 1Photo Credit: Courtesy of Studio William Hefner

What are buyers looking for in their homes in Brentwood in 2020?

Brand new homes or homes that do not need updates are still the popular trend for today’s luxury home buyer. 

Which has been a highlight sale for you so far in 2020?

Our recent sale in Santa Monica Canyon closed for $5,450,000 and stands out as a great transaction. Before my clients made their initial offer, I was given instructions by them to, “Get us that home!” The way I was boldly instructed left me with the understanding they were prepared to pay the asking price or above. I followed my clients' instructions and made sure they got the house while simultaneously, without their instructions, I was able to secure the house for them hundreds of thousands “under” asking price, which they were prepared to pay.

Are there any new restaurants or other spots in Brentwood you’ve been loving lately?

Jon and Vinny's has been a great addition to Brentwood for Italian! Bandera's is always an excellent choice as well.

It’s time for spring break. What is a fun activity in Brentwood?

Getting ready for Springtime. Fun in the sun and lots of surf!

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