7 Of The Most Luxurious, Spa-Like Bathrooms On Instagram

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Your bathroom should be one of your home’s most indulgent, relaxing spaces. Long gone are the days when bathrooms were utilitarian in nature. Yesterday’s powder rooms have been replaced by today’s luxurious, spa-like oases, complete with innovative designs, glistening hardware and elegant decor. When designing your bathroom, you should approach the room as a spa retreat within your own home. To inspire you, we’ve pulled together some of Instagram’s most zen yet stunning bathroom designs.

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1. A Luxurious WaterfallEnjoy the gentle cascade of water while surrounded by minimalistic beauty in this gorgeous bathroom. Clean lines and neutral tones keep the room looking stylish, while a centrally placed tub and statement-making showerhead set the stage for ultimate relaxation.

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2. City Views: This gorgeous marble bathroom is clean, stylish and modern. By inviting the skyline in, the bathroom lets its occupants simultaneously retreat from the world and look out over it with awe. The grandiose design features his-and-hers sinks, matching mirrors, and a statement chandelier above a custom marble bathtub.

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3. A Living Wall: Living walls — walls lined with live plants — are a popular bathroom trend, and they certainly add a zen element to any space. This bathroom makes good use of the plants by positioning them around a porcelain soaking tub on a bed of natural pebbles. All of these natural touches are perhaps second-best, however, to the sprawling views of the city below.

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4. A Country Oasis: It doesn’t matter whether your property is in the city or the country… This rustic yet elegant design incorporates the best of both words. A large basin tub is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, especially in an open-air space like this one. A vintage brick wall and exposed wooden beams complete the look.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.02.49 PM

5. Style with Tile: Keep your bathroom looking fun and playful while maintaining a sense of classic elegance by incorporating well-chosen tile patterns. This bathroom utilizes a black-and-white design along the floors and behind shower shelves, while keeping the rest of the room bright and neutral. Paired with greenery and plentiful natural light, the bathroom comes across as open, airy and boundless.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 1.51.40 PM

6. Classic Elegance: If you want a relaxing retreat but have elegant taste, strike the perfect balance with this beautiful design. Ornate crystal chandeliers enhance the luxuriousness and femininity of the bathroom, as do pretty touches such as a ceramic Buddha statue and a Victorian-inspired bench. Meanwhile, neutral cement walls, skylights and a walk-in shower keep the space feeling open and spacious.

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7. Living the Dream: This artistic, ethereal and whimsical bathroom features two separate spaces: a dressing room and a soaking room complete with a tub and open-air showerheads. Bubble lighting, soft colors, rose gold finishes and marble flooring complete the dreamy look of the space.

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