15th London Design Festival Is About To Change The Game…Again

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Returning to London for its 15th year, the London Design Festival is bringing some of the most innovative and creative design minds across art, sculpture, and furniture design to one location. Basically, this is where the world decides what the next cool thing you must have in your living room is going to be. In the past, its been a Tom Dixon chair, which 500 were given away to whoever could grab them fastest in Trafalgar Square. This year, it could be anything from pepper mills with an interesting handle, to eggs that open into bowls for the kitchen, the sofas repurposed from military parachutes. The world is their oyster for the designers on display September 16th to the 24th, and we’re waiting to hear. Be sure to check out these highly anticipated exhibits.


Villa Walala by Camilla Walala



This sculpture, a home, scaled down into a courtyard in Broadgate, features some eye-catching color schemes. It’s buzz about town already is creating a sense that while you may not build one for the kids out back to play in, the visual stimulus and color explosion so popular in the sculpture is about to be a big part of color schemes in your home styling.


Chromatic Sequences by Helena Jongerius


This Dutch designer blends soft softer pallets with ceramics and minimalist materials to create décor objects that feel organic in more minimalist, modern homes.




The cross-section of function and beauty, this group of Brazillian artists and designers creates home furnishings that feel welcomed in any design. A modern approach to useable features in the home, each work feels lived in and charactered.


Heal’s AW17 Collection Launch


In collaboration firm Jestico and Wiles, Heals will be launching their AW17 collection at their outpost in Tottenham Court Road. The highlights of the new collection are the opulent color pallete and finer, scandanavian textures. The balance creaetes unique textures that help bring to life a room caught in the mundane routine of sleek, clean lines of modern design.


John Hogan at the USA Guest Pavillion

John Hogan

From the American perspective, John Hogan is coming to the forefront, continuing the trend of alternatives materials and clean lines. This trend’s growing appeal is rooted in its ability to blend well into any design with neutral tones, in materials and shapes that are anything but.





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