Live the Lyrics: Own Taylor Swift’s Iconic ‘Cornelia Street’ Townhouse

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"Cornelia Street" is an emotional song by Taylor Swift, found on her album "Lover." This song inspired by her past is tied to a real apartment on Cornelia Street in New York's West Village. The song not only reminisces about her time living here but also hints at the beginning of a significant relationship, (the song "Cornelia Street" vividly recalls the early moments of her and Joe Alwyn's love story). Swift’s lyrics turn a physical location into a powerful symbol of emotional connection. 

The actual townhouse at 23 Cornelia Street in New York is available for purchase at $18 million, rent at $45,000 per month, or $50,000 furnished. In 2016, Taylor Swift rented this house for $39,500 while she was renovating her Tribeca residence.

Built in 1870, the historic home was initially a carriage house. It has four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms. The house comes with impressive highlights such as tall ceilings, a private garage, and modern upgrades, still showcasing its brick outer appearance. While it's called a three-story house, it has a basement with a pool and gym and a big rooftop terrace. Behind the pool, you and your many guests can lounge in front of the gas fireplace and open the doors out to an exterior patio, says the Listing.

Though Swift no longer lives here, the home is available to rent and even features a tour on TikTok. It's a chance to experience the essence of Taylor's song, "Sat on the Roof, you and I" on "Cornelia Street." It's clear why the romantic place would have sparked one of Swift's love songs.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

23 Cornelia Street captures the essence of the song's lyrics, making it a tangible connection to Taylor's artistic journey. Although Joe Alwyn won't be found there, by renting it for $45,000 a month, you can bring a touch of Taylor Swift's history into your own life and discover your very own "Cornelia Street" love story.

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