Lakesha Rose Explains the Impact of Seasonal Change in Interior Design

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L Rose Interiors has a comprehensive understanding of custom furnishings, antiques, textiles, and fine art. L Rose Interiors specializes in high-end residential and commercial build-outs, sharing solid relationships with some of the industry’s most talented architects, contractors, and vendors.

Photo Credit: L Rose Interiors

Lakesha Rose, founder and principal at L Rose Interiors, explains how Chicago's inclement weather affects the interior design of a home.


Haute Design: How much should the interior design of a space change depending on the seasons?

Lakesha Rose: Very little because if the overall design has been thoughtfully curated, you won’t want to change much. That said, I would like to suggest, seasonal flowers, candles, seasonal pillows that were curated with the original design to be able to change during the season(s) of your choice. 

HD: Is there any climate for which it is more difficult to design?

LR: No, there are countless possibilities for designing in accordance with any and every season.

Photo Credit: L Rose Interiors

HD: What is the main criterion for a home in Chicago that is designed to endure the harsh winter months?

LR: Texture during the winter months provides a cozy home feel. I burn candles all the time and during dinner at home often dim the lights and light a candelabra at the dinner table during the winter. 

HD: What are three easy ways to warm up an interior?

LR: Cozy texture, candles and dim lighting.

Photo Credit: L Rose Interiors

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