Knot + Tide Interiors Make a House a Home in Illustrious Olde Naples

Knot + Tide Interiors

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Knot + Tide Interiors is a creative duo made up by Chantal Warmoth and Hillary DiSabato that revels in making dream homes a reality. They're proud to call Naples and Southwest Florida home, designing and creating high-end, coastal casual, and coastal elegant designed spaces.

Photo Credit: Knot + Tide Interiors

Chantal and Hillary recently spoke to Haute Design and shared insight into a successfully completed project in the Olde Naples area.

Haute Design: What was the biggest challenge of this project?

Chantal Warmoth: We started this renovation project during the COVID Lockdown era. That came with many challenges. The lead times for vendors and subcontractors were lengthy, and there were significant challenges regarding the supply chain. Supplies were out of stock or back-ordered, adding months to the project timeline.

Photo Credit: Knot + Tide Interiors

HD: Did the client have any specific requests at the start of the project? What were they, and how did you satisfy them? 

Hillary DiSabato: Our customers were looking for a complete coastal feel that enveloped the house. They wanted a home that felt welcoming, inviting, and comfortable all at once.

After the first walkthrough of the property, we realized what this Olde Naples house needed to become a home. Initially, the house was a clash of several styles and competing unfinished architectural features. The initial priorities were construction aspects, specifically the staircase, fireplace, and ceilings. Many architectural details were a patchwork of styles that begged to be more consistent, so we started curating the coastal elements that were there and discarding the ones that weren't.

Photo Credit: Knot + Tide Interiors

Photo Credit: Knot + Tide Interiors

Chantal Warmoth: When it came to furnishing the home, our inspiration came from the beautiful Naples outdoors. Soft Blues, whites, and natural tones matched with organic elements like driftwood, which you can always find on our beaches. We kept consistent, clean lines in the furniture and paired them with fabrics and finishes that were long-lasting, textural, and welcoming.
The bones and location screamed casual, light, and coastal. By adding layers of texture, soft whites, and blues, charm and comfort were catapulted to the forefront of the space.

HD: What is your favorite aspect about the home now? 

Hillary DiSabato: The renovated staircase! When we first walked into the home, it felt like it didn't belong there. The treads and risers were red, and the railing was a traditional design that didn't fit at all. We made it our mission to revamp it and make it a focal point of the project.

We started by matching the treads to the beautiful natural wood flooring throughout the house and painted the risers white to break that texture up. Then, we applied an 8" Nickel gap to all the staircase walls, instantly giving it the 'wow' factor and coastal feeling we were looking for. Lastly, we incorporated the wood tones and bright white of the walls into the new balusters and railing to tie the features together.

Photo Credit: Knot + Tide Interiors

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