Keep It Cool By Living In These Dreamy Beachfront Estates

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Beaches and crème. Two ingredients in a nirvana cocktail beckoning you to sip, sip and sip away.

If the quality of life—being healthy, comfortable and joyful—is more important to you than anything else, it's time to call upon The Sandman before falling asleep this evening. The Sandman, as some of you may know, is a mythical character in Dutch and European folklore who softly dispenses magical sand into children’s eyes as they fall asleep in order to bring about their most enchanting dreams. Imagine The Sandman sprinkling magical sand into your adult eyes to inspire the most delightful of dreams: where you're living by the beach—in pure bliss—and in one of the residential utopias, identified below, recognized for its year-round, off the charts luxury living.


Beachfront Estates

This 14-acre Bermuda beachfront estate is a private family compound of the finest caliber.

Beachfront Estates

For over 30 years, the property served as the official Bermuda residence of the United States Consul General. The list of distinguished visitors here is lengthy: former President George Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, Senator John Kerry, the late Senator Edward Kennedy, General Colin Powell, newspaper columnist Ann Landers, actor Michael Douglas, and model/actress Brooke Shields, to name but a few.

Beachfront Estates

The massive terrace sits beside the Olympic-size swimming pool.

Beachfront Estates

While serving to overlook the pink sands and turquoise waters of Grape Bay.

The Virgin Islands

This 1.3-acre hilltop estate enjoys the ocean breeze throughout its 8,000 square-foot interior.

The ideal island lifestyle always starts indoors and extends outdoors to a large pool, jacuzzi, and surrounding gardens.

The home unapologetically commands sunset views.

As well as sensational sunrise views.

St. Croix

This Caribbean castle with 360-degree views is no fairytale. Considered St. Croix's most desirable location, the estate comes complete with roads, and infrastructure, that cascade into a large flat plain, zoned for a plethora of paradise ventures.

Influenced by the Moorish and oriental architecture, the castle and gatekeeper's cottage comprise nearly 10,000 square feet of interior space.
It is an amazing 102-acre estate, enveloping a private, secluded hilltop surrounded by rolling hillsides and a sandy, palm-lined beach.

Cinematic views encapsulate the most vibrant colors.


This villa -dubbed Villa Salmanazar- rests secluded in the hills, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Saint-Tropez and the surrounding countryside.

Villa Salmanazar is approached either by helicopter, landing directly on the sweeping front lawn, or by car, along a hushed pastoral lane through picturesque vineyards.
Once you arrive through the automated wrought-iron and stone entrance gates, you can bask in the view and relax in style.

Awake in the master bedroom and venture out onto an expansive terrace with panoramic sea views, perfect for tranquil rest and relaxation.

As an adult, it's imperative to continue to dream until your dreams manifest into reality. So, sail on that ship -traversing uncharted waters- in order to reach an island paradise where palm trees sway and turquoise waters kiss sugar-white beaches. For those of you who want to experience genuine happiness, don’t put off the inevitable; make your dreams into a real estate reality now. As Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean warns: “If you’re waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.”

All images courtesy of Christie's International Real Estate


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