Kathy Doyle Talks Malibu and Beverly Hills Amenities

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What local amenities does your market have to offer (parks, community center, recreation programs)?

Malibu and Beverly Hills are the communities where Kathy Doyle Estates does the most business. These two communities both offer a variety of community amenities, from cultural events, to outdoor activities, to large community events. Malibu is known for its immense scenic beauty and there are many community events organized around this: from bird-watching groups, to the annual SurfRider charity event and Nautica triathlon, the Malibu community really comes together around surf, sea, horseback riding, biking, hiking, and the many more outdoor activities one can enjoy on the beautiful landscape of Malibu. Beverly Hills, on the other hand, is more centered on cultural community gatherings: there are many charity galas, award ceremonies, and political fundraisers that take place in Beverly Hills, along with film premieres and large Hollywood events.

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Can you describe the local school system, and what type of education children get here (private, public, charter - focus on sports, the arts, etc.)?

Both Malibu and Beverly hills are known for their fantastic schools, both public and private. Malibu is a part of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, which provides excellent education which has great programs in both the arts and sciences. In terms of private schools directly in Malibu many take a small-classroom philosophy and incorporate outdoor activities and project-based-learning in their curriculum. Beverly Hills has its own public school district, and provides some of the best education in the Los Angeles area. In terms of private schools, there are many high-caliber private schools in the surrounding areas of Brentwood, Bel Air, and Santa Monica. 

What is the community culture like (i.e. private, gated, urban, diverse, etc.)

Community culture is a big part of both Malibu and Beverly Hills. Malibu has many different neighborhoods, some are gated, some have an eclectic small town feeling with neighborhood streets, and some homes line the Pacific Coast Highway with gorgous beachfront views. You can find folks finding community on the beaches, in the ocean, and at the local coffee shops, juice bars, and shopping centers. The energy is laid back and healthy, most residents enjoy the sunshine, outdoors, and small town feeling that Malibu provides. Beverly Hills has gated communities as well as many residential streets with large lots and hedges that provide privacy. The community gathers in the high-end shopping districts on Rodeo Drive, as well as the high end eateries on Melrose and Beverly Blvds. The energy is that of a high-end enclave in the heart of Los Angeles, the streets are wide and tree-lined, with the quintessential California street-scapes that many across the country equate with Los Angeles living at its finest.

What is transportation like to the area's major surrounding cities, or within the city?

Both Malibu and Beverly Hills are car-centered cultures. Beautiful vehicles at that! However both areas have public transportation provided by buses. Malibu has many community members with a passion for bicycling, and you can see them biking through the canyons and along Pacific Coast Highway. Los Angeles is currently expanding its public transportation system by creating a west-side line of the Metro Train, which will connect Hollywood and Downtown all the way to the ocean in Santa Monica. This expansion, along with the 405 freeway expansion project should help to ease Los Angeles’ notorious traffic, and many in the city are excited to have new transportation options opening up in the coming years.

What is the job market like or major industries that are at the core of this area?

Malibu and Beverly Hills are both cities made up by successful professionals. Many commute to entertainment industry jobs, or have made fortunes in careers or businesses that they now run from home offices, or have retired from. Beverly Hills major industries are entertainment and retail. Many top agencies and production companies are headquartered in Beverly Hills, while it has world renowned high end retail along Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd. Malibu’s major industry is service, with the city providing jobs in restaurants, retail shops, salons, and to domestic workers, landscapers, and construction in this beautiful seaside city. 

What are the local property taxes like and what other financial responsibilities should a property owner in this area be prepared for?

Aside from your mortgage payment, a property owner’s highest expense is their property taxes. In Los Angeles county a property tax base is calculated at the time of purchase and is approximately 1.25% of the purchase price. Payments are made in two annual installments, in December and April. Property taxes do not stay fixed, and can be reassessed to reflect market value increases.  In addition with any “capital improvements” to the property such as remodeling additions or upgrades tax rates may be reassessed. In addition to property taxes some other expenses to take into account are septic system maintenance in Malibu and sewer maintenance in Beverly Hills. Most of Malibu’s homes don’t have city sewage systems, and the pipes in Beverly Hills can be on the older side, so be sure to check for any necessary repairs or upgrades during your contingency period.

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