Lee Design and Interiors Talks Successful Projects and Mistakes to Avoid

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What is the key to a successful interior design project?

The key to any interior design project is customer satisfaction. http://www.leedesignandinteriors.com Often times we are given a request that we may consider unsubstantial but we can never mistake our opinion for what the client is really looking for. With so much information available to our clients on the internet and through other sources, many of our clients are coming to us with very specific requests. We use our expertise and professionalism to guide them but always in the end allow the customers vision to be brought to life.

What is one important mistake many interior designers make? How have you overcome/avoided it? 

Not listening to their clients! Too many times designers deem their opinion more valuable than those of the people they are serving, this quickly leads down the wrong path and in the end clients will never be satisfied and most importantly never return again for future business. To avoid this trap we constantly revise our methods of how we deal with our clients. http://www.leedesignandinteriors.com/the-process/ We ensure first and foremost that every employee of the firm is trained with the understanding that the client always comes first and no matter what size the project we always treat every client as a family member; with respect and courtesy.

Interior designing for others has shaped your career. How does your design aesthetic appear in your own home? Are you as passionate in designing your own personal spaces? 

Our primary home is one that we have lived in for 26 years. http://www.leedesignandinteriors.com/about-us/profile/ We have shared many memories here, from graduation parties to the wedding of daughter. When we bought the home it was a standard split level home that was about 2500 square feet. After 26 years and many remodels it is at its current size which is about 10,000 square feet. Our home is a constant work of art, it will never be complete. Every room has a different style and flair. We often test new products at our home before we use them at our clients homes. We wish we had more time to work on our own home but as always our clients come first!

To learn more about Joshua Lee, visit Lee Design and Interiors' Haute Residence profile and website.

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