Joshua Lee Talks Increasing Home Value and Unique Interior Design Requests

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How can you use interior design to increase the value of your home?

You can use good interior design in many ways to increase the value of your home. The simplest and most frequently used way is to stage a home for the sale process. Having pictures that show a beautiful interior is a great way to attract a homebuyer. Of course, once they get there it is important to make sure the home looks as it does in the pictures to avoid any let downs and to ensure a high possibility of a sale.

Another way to increase the value of a home is by incorporating sound space planning principles into the design of the home to ensure a comfortable flow in the space.

My favorite but perhaps the most expensive way is to remove or add walls, incorporate architectural elements and add beautiful lighting to bring the beauty of the home to its fullest potential.

What is the most unusual interior design request you’ve received in your time as an interior designer? How did you go about executing it?

The most unusual request we have ever received was by a recent client. Since we are a full design build firm, this client hired us to not only decorate his home but also to design and build the bathrooms in his home. He wanted to allow his wife and him to have completely separate bathrooms because she would not let him keep a prize possession of his anywhere she could see it. Upon hearing this we were intrigued to know what this possession was, it turns out he wanted to incorporate a second bathroom in the master-suite to house his pink flamingo, yes a ornamental PINK flamingo. So by request we designed and built the entire room around this ornamental piece. You can see it here….

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