Watch: International Real Estate Webinar With Top Coldwell Banker Agents By Haute Residence

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Four of the top Coldwell Banker agents worldwide joined Haute Residence for an international panel webinar that touched on multiple markets on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Laurent Demeure, Cyd Greer, Joyce Rey, and Carrie Wells were hosted by Haute Living's Seth Semilof.

The interactive dialogue included Semilof sharing his screen to showcase some of the ultra-luxury listings from each of the panelists. They spoke about their different markets and how the real estate industry has been affected by quarantine measures in each.

Watch the recording of the webinar further below.

Coldwell Banker panel - Friday April 17

Top left: Cyd Greer; Top right: Carrie Wells; Bottom left: Joyce Rey; Bottom right: Laurent Demeure


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About today's panelists:

Cyd Greer is a Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker, Brokers of the Valley; the #1 Coldwell Banker affiliate agent in California 2012-2018; and, the #1 Coldwell Banker affiliate agent in the world among 42,000 agents in 2018

Joyce Rey leads the Global Luxury Division at Beverly Hills of Coldwell Banker. She has over $4.5 billion in career sales to date, and ranks consistently among the nation’s top real estate agents

Carrie Wells is a Coldwell Banker broker in Aspen, CO. In 2019, she was ranked as the #11 broker in the country for Coldwell Banker, and is the #1 Coldwell Banker broker in Colorado since 1995.

Laurent Demeure is Founder and CEO of Coldwell Banker France & Monaco since 2011. It is the #1 international Coldwell Banker office. He has done over 5,000 real estate transactions.

Highlight quotes from the webinar:

Laurent Demeure: "In real estate, we still have people interested in buying and selling... Most of our investors want to put their money in real estate... Some clients say they're going out of Paris now because they realize they can do their work from home... Most of our clients at the moment want to put their money in tangible markets."

Cyd Greer: "I sold a property last year because of Matterport (3-D technology)... We help (sellers) understand about flexibility and that we will get through it... Communicate with buyers to tell them to get ready to act. We are expecting pent-up demand after everything stabilizes. I'm already seeing it a bit.

Joyce Rey: "The luxury market is still doing well here (in Los Angeles). Beverly Hills is a magnet around the world because of the weather and the entertainment business that is ready to take off."

Carrie Wells: "We have done virtual tours since four years ago. Every one of our MLS listings has its own Matterport link... Aspen is the perfect place for people that can work remotely... There are buying opportunities right now."

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